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Even if the sky is falling down, I know that we'll be safe and sound

Yes! It’s the middle of the week, which means ONLY TWO MORE DAYS OF WORK TO GO. Sorry for shouting, but you have no idea how glad I will be when this week is over. 263 more words


I am, They are.

We are told first impressions count and people make initial judgements and decisions in fractions of seconds and once made, it is difficult to change. However, we have all come across someone that we couldn’t accept (perhaps for years) only to hear something about the person’s past experiences, or the way they care for their sick partner or donate time to charity – whatever it is, it changed the known narrative and added depth of knowledge. 581 more words

Thoughts That Come And Go

Gratitude For Life's Opportunities.

Wednesday is the day to be grateful for the opportunities that Life presents you with daily.

Although you have misused God’s energy through your wrong free choices, each day gives you the opportunity to face your mistakes and to put things right and transmute this negative… 57 more words



I ran a red light

in my dreams last night

driving so fast

it was more dangerous to stop

though I tried


My sleeping mind… 46 more words


I have learned gratitude for those,
Who frowned me this face.
Who chose to carve their lives on it,
I have learned gratitude.
Without them I would not be here, 200 more words


Appreciation Post #697, 698, 699, 700 & 701

On the 22nd I was thankful for…(#697)

  • Mom’s food
  • My new toaster and electric kettle
  • Sweaters

On the 23rd I was thankful for…(#698)


August 26, 2014 A cha cha kind of day

Two steps forward, one step back

You know those days when everything you do, even the simplest task, requires extra planning and thought? Well, that would be today. 834 more words