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Shiver McNibble

Gratitude List:
1. The newest member of our family: Shiver McNibble the Mouse-babe.  Sweetness and tenderness it brings us.  I am in awe of the natural tenderness and careful care that my children offer this tiny, vulnerable creature. 93 more words



Were I to look up from examining my navel,
a pursuit that has proved to be been nothing but painful
I may indeed find that my insides are still playful… 131 more words

Pepper Poetries

Balancing Act

Recently, my pattern is to write these lists in the mornings, before the children wake up, as a way to reflect on the previous day before I start the new one.   421 more words



Gratitude List:
1. Graceful, soul-satisfying calligraphy
2. East African jazz and benga music
3. Peach cobbler
4. The Susquehanna River
5. Illumination, which is perhaps the same as #1, and perhaps a different thing, and perhaps being different, it is yet the same.

May we walk in Beauty!


Like dancing about architecture

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from words: (from our friends at Architecture and Engineering, a short video called “Architecture and Music”)

(well, still words. But not so many.)


A Sense of Place

Here is an exercise that I haven’t done in a while, one that helps me to put myself in the perspective of the world.  It helps me to remember how small I am in such a vast world, but it also makes me feel special, here in my own particular spot in that vast world.   267 more words


Bright Wings

Gratitude List:

1.  More Bright Wings: black and tiger swallowtails, a sphinx moth
2.  Hard physical labor
3.  Cool summer mornings–have I said that yet? 13 more words