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December Birthday Present

This year of survival, that almost nobody thought I would make it through, culminated in birthday celebrations being done at The Vogue Theatre where a show contained the talents of the incredible Canadian Entertainer, Buck65. 99 more words


A Timely Tuesday Wind Down

Off came the bandages today on my beautiful sleeve icons and they are gorgeous. I am very happy that I spent so many hours in pre- meditation on this (over a year) and worked closely with an artist I admired, Darci Love, to get the cohesiveness I like in artwork. 279 more words


When the Heart Rises

Today’s Prompt is a Two for Tuesday prompt: Write a love poem/write an anti-love poem.

When I said to you in that dream
that the sky was wandering over the hill, 134 more words


Gratitudes #446-470

446. Sleeping in with my love <3

447. Work for Josh!

448. Arby’s Beef n’ Cheddar sandwiches

449. A happy  Augustine after a long, cranky car trip. 167 more words


If I Were to Read a Poem to My Mockingbird

Today’s Prompt is an If I Were. . . poem.

Mockingbird growls.  In between riffs
of cardinal and killdeer, of phoebe and wren
and some feathered neighbor from the south… 160 more words


Incredible Friends in The Aristocracy

As everyone even slightly acquainted with me knows, writing is my passion in life. I have the urgent unquenchable desire to chronicle what I perceive as Reality, usually through allegory or alliterative verse, or just plain ranting. 364 more words


Ceremony for the Lost Ones

Today’s prompt was to write about animal/s and/or to write a sestina.  I love to play with forms, but this idea for a ritual to mark the grief for the loss of animals to extinction grabbed hold of me, and it felt too forced to put it into a sestina form. 560 more words