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'nother day, 'nother dollar

– the boundless energy of a young golden retriever mix, darting room to room
– discovering an acupuncture/massage clinic located below the apartment complex… 56 more words

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Resolutions... a delay

My New Year’s Resolution (aside from cutting back on the boxed mac and cheese) was to work to identify gratitudes daily.  I tend to air on the dramatic side and love focusing on what may be going wrong, so my mom pointed out how identifying a daily gratitude each day may help me realize all the good I have going on. 130 more words


Grateful Sunday #48: Rest

– new digs
– old friends
– bed by 9

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Sunday January 11th, 2:40 pm

1. New digs. 2. Cleaning. 3. Help. 4. Bananas. 5. Beds. 6. Water. 7. Mountain air. 8. Blue and grey tones. 9. Flower ideas. 10. A clean slate forward. 17 more words


Dark grey relentless showers pelt my little nook of happiness.
Rainy days. Busy ways. I am quite amazed
oh yes. Today is a beauty. A embracing of all that I am… 21 more words



– first snowfall to stick
– thick cable-knits
– uncharted territory ahead

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Sweatpants Sunday

Sickness, Day 2.
D’ya ever start to think about how many tasks need completing in your life, take a look around, and…just lie down and nap instead? 191 more words

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