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Gratitude List:
1.  All my Facebook friends who write gratitude lists, which reminds me to do my own.
2.  The bolt of magenta that flowed upward from the morning’s tangerine sunrise onto an indigo belly of cloud.   197 more words


It's Always About the Bridge

Last January, during the high holy days that come at the year’s turning, before the 12th Day of Christmas, I had a dream about bridges, and I decided that Bridges would be my image for the year.   453 more words


Maple’s gone, mostly
but oak and larch remain,
leathery leaves waiting
waiting for the strongest gusts
to send them whirling.

Sycamore beside the creek
raises her naked arms skyward. 99 more words


New Poems

Yesterday in class, I had my students write ten-line poems about what a poem is or is not.  Then we read Charles Wright’s “New Poem” together.   270 more words



We walk, always on the foamy sands
looking ever out to the horizon, awaiting news.
We listen, always to the East Wind
for tales of what may yet come. 223 more words


Stories and Sun Dogs

Now that I have finished The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit on books on tape, along with a partial set of Sherlock Holmes stories I bought at the library book sale, I thought I might use some of the time during my car ride to work on a story for the Central PA magazine short story contest.   232 more words


Thursday, October 30, 2014, 8:26 pm

1. dying shit. 2. chicken house rehabs . 3. winning the break up years later. 4. finding a groove. 5. even if it looks different than you thought. 68 more words