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Challenging Oneself in Thanks: Lessons in Gratitude

Two challenges drifted about the Social Media Sea recently; I’m sure you noticed one or both:

  • the Ice Bucket Challenge, and
  • the Gratitude Challenge

Though the Ice Bucket had a wonderful cause, I was grateful I wasn’t nominated. 194 more words


Living Your Dreams.

I’ll begin with what has been happening over the few months.

So at the beginning of the year, the crew that I was in was splitting into two varsity crews. 772 more words

Life With Grace

twenty twenty: spontaneous gratitude

1. Campus once again full of bustle and life and freshmen holding maps.

2. Work where I get paid to do Fun and Useful Things. 78 more words



Have you ever had that perfect storm of a day where every one thing adds on to the trouble of the last, ending in disaster?   Have you ever had a lovely simple plan fall into a deep abyss of obstacles and limitations until you just had to let go? 394 more words


For Love.

We go on with our daily lives – living it like it’s nothing but just one hell of a bad day – without realizing how much we mean to a person, how much someone who doesn’t look like s/he does, loves us very deeply. 238 more words



With all this talk of surgery and recovery you can imagine I’ve spent a good amount of time in the last month sitting around at home.   695 more words


Midnight Pearl

the ocean floor was deep, and the darker the blue….. the deeper i was in,  midnight blue was the deepest color,  it was then that i was taken and displayed with the other pearls!

15 more words