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Making Secret simpler

A lot of you may have read the book called the secret , law of attraction etc..and also the follow many pages on facebook etc on it. 140 more words



Last week, after dropping my tearful toddler off at school (“I want to stay with you!”), our wonderful super came to fix our leaky faucet and, in the process, our faucet totally broke to the point of being unusable.  415 more words


Giving Thanks

I pray each and every one of you reading this blog has a wonderful Thanksgiving. May God bless you all, with family and friends, to celebrate this holiday season.   382 more words


As we come up on Thanksgiving my Facebook feed is starting to fill up with commentary about “The real history of Thanksgiving.”   Most of it is true, and most of it I am familiar with.   398 more words


Free For All Friday 11.21

Two ways to prepare for Thanksgiving.

First, ponder  this quote: “Dogs are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.” Give thanks for your dog.

Second: Giving thanks is the opportunity to express our gratitude which many think is the foundation of healthy spirituality.   21 more words

Just Curious: Random Thoughts About The World.

The Zen Travelers guide to Thanksgiving

Let us not forget that Thanksgiving is about so much more than popping the top button of those cute new jeans from Madewell or throwing sweet rolls at your favorite Aunt. 902 more words



The fear of failing can paralyze you into not doing things you are passionate about

The fear of gaining weight can hurt you emotionally, and physically… 216 more words