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twenty twenty: spontaneous gratitude

1. Campus once again full of bustle and life and freshmen holding maps.

2. Work where I get paid to do Fun and Useful Things. 78 more words



Have you ever had that perfect storm of a day where every one thing adds on to the trouble of the last, ending in disaster?   Have you ever had a lovely simple plan fall into a deep abyss of obstacles and limitations until you just had to let go? 394 more words


For Love.

We go on with our daily lives – living it like it’s nothing but just one hell of a bad day – without realizing how much we mean to a person, how much someone who doesn’t look like s/he does, loves us very deeply. 238 more words



With all this talk of surgery and recovery you can imagine I’ve spent a good amount of time in the last month sitting around at home.   695 more words


Midnight Pearl

the ocean floor was deep, and the darker the blue….. the deeper i was in,  midnight blue was the deepest color,  it was then that i was taken and displayed with the other pearls!

15 more words


Today, I’m not loving working for my parents. So today I’m going to write about the little things people did at the restaurant where I was a hostess did that drove me up the wall. 757 more words


The Gift of Love

You will never totally comprehend my affections for you in this world of vanity and shame but it is my responsability to apprise you, that I am oh so grateful for this heavenly emotion brought to me solely by divine angels who decided to gift me with your presence and enlighten the darkest paths of life!!! 23 more words