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Be Grateful

Today I had a moment where I was extremely frustrated in a situation with someone.
Basically what happened was something great had happened to them and someone (no not me, I was just there when it went down) had done something really nice for this other person as a gift of sorts for Christmas. 392 more words

Gift receiving

The last few days the office has been awash in chocolate and other goodies from vendors and clients. It’s kind of a wonderful time of year for that, and for the most part we all enjoy it. 582 more words

A Merry Little Christmas

I ask you to tread a gentle path upon this day and the days to come. Christmas is near and we cannot stop it, but we can make it through unscathed and even help those who find it a challenge. 537 more words


The Teacher's Diary: How teaching taught me lessons

It is not often people understand the fact that getting a degree, finding a job, and building a future does not mean you have the answers to all the questions. 588 more words



Thank you.

A lot of people have said they’re encouraged, inspired, and thankful I’ve been so open with our infertility struggle, with our now second miscarriage, etc. 907 more words


The Late Night Walk

And the smell of a cold wet sidewalk
The cold winds blowing through the air
That leaf scurrying across the mist

As the golden moonlight laid it bare… 99 more words