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Speak of a Good Things

The ramyoen my friend prepared yesterday caused me to sleep a little longer that when I woke up I was thirty minutes late from my usual wake up time, but when I got to work I was 15 minutes earlier than before. 275 more words

Thank You For Your Grace

Heavenly Father we rise this morning thanking you for another day . Thank you that it was a part of your perfect will to include us in your plans for today! 369 more words


Morning Motivation Mantra

Rise and shine
With a refreshed
State of mind.
Begin today
With new strength.

Strength found from within,
To make the most
Of today’s
Gifts thus given.



I have a complicated medical history, as does my son.  The piece of the ACA that I was most excited about was the part where “pre-existing conditions” would still be covered when you changed insurance companies.   1,285 more words


Keep It Simple...

I’ve been enjoying the #collect photo application since January 2013.

It’s so easy to use.

It helps remind me to take a daily photo by sending a quick notification via my phone. 50 more words

IPhone Photography

Oh! The Humanity!

One day last week I stopped at Starbucks for coffee on my way in to work. Two cars in the drive through line caught my eye. 644 more words