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Free For All Friday 11.21

Two ways to prepare for Thanksgiving.

First, ponder  this quote: “Dogs are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.” Give thanks for your dog.

Second: Giving thanks is the opportunity to express our gratitude which many think is the foundation of healthy spirituality.   21 more words

Just Curious: Random Thoughts About The World.

The Zen Travelers guide to Thanksgiving

Let us not forget that Thanksgiving is about so much more than popping the top button of those cute new jeans from Madewell or throwing sweet rolls at your favorite Aunt. 902 more words



The fear of failing can paralyze you into not doing things you are passionate about

The fear of gaining weight can hurt you emotionally, and physically… 216 more words


Family Time & Life on the Road

November 16, 2014

As I calmly sit in complete relaxation at a small local coffee shop in Sedona, AZ, I think to myself this is the perfect environment to reminisce on the past month of traveling and living simply. 521 more words

Gratitude...the path to a happier life

Each morning after my morning walk I sit down by the beach to do my normal morning ritual of meditation. With my meditation I always included something I am grateful for…it brings me back down to earth and makes me realise that I have so much more in life to be thankful for and the little problems, that seemed to be big, don’t seem so big or to bother me afterwards, the worries disappear. 95 more words


We proudly slaute & thank our #Veterans

We proudly slaute & thank our #Veterans for their service to our country. Happy #VeteransDay! “Freedom is not Free”.


It has been two weeks of paying big bills – all at once – with money I may or may not actually have.  That’s always fun, isn’t it?   330 more words