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The A – Z Lowdown on #Blogging : B is for Brand

Don’t run away! But, if you are too afraid go read other blogs, this one is just about to let you in on some untold Blogging secret that you may or may not know. 1,087 more words


Reflections in a sphere

Today’s Daily Prompt was kind of interesting (for a change). It says, “Pick a random word and do a Google image search on it. Check out the eleventh picture it brings up. 582 more words


A Blog from My Past, JoeUser.

Here at WordPress they give you an automatic account with Gravatar. I added my Allpoetry to the websites for that profile right away. Then I remembered I also have a JoeUser account so I added that to my Gravatar profile. 83 more words


Gravatar, Avatar, Blavatar or BRAND?

This is an animated gif image created with photoshop as a brand for my blog.  I wanted to make a link back but I am not sure I have. 24 more words


Jessica van Rensburg

Finally, the new look to my blog has been set. Including a new background, gravatar, and of course my new logo and watermark. Yay! Hope you guys like it too. 



You probably noticed that I changed my gravatar. Anyone like it? I do.
I also changed my avatar on Wattpad to Nancy Drew with a microscope. 148 more words


So I bin playing wiv ma compoota, and here’s what i came up.  I just LOVE Adobe (and no, I get no bonus for saying that lol).

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