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life is a gravel

life is a gravel
driveway –
words, the stones
you choose
to pave,
toss, or throw


The Day Of The Triffids

Yesterday evening, the head gardener put me right on red hot pokers. As she read my post for that day she pointed out that the plants I had erroneously given this term are actually Lords and Ladies, which are the berries of an insignificant variety of arum lily. 559 more words

Suddenly Saturday

Today has been an easy day for the SK’s. We all slept in and had a late breakfast. Mel and I went to the shop to get ingredients for a Mars bar slice, we have been wanting to bake since we moved in, but I have yet no locate all my baking tools. 124 more words

Sha la la la la la la.

“She works at Liberty Travel- She’s got a heart made of… gravel?…” Fountains of Wayne, Denise

Go pedal. Now. That’s the message. If you want to skip all of the rest of this, that’s fine. 954 more words

Moto 3 lads having a scrap

Most of you have probably already seen this, but here’s the video of the two Dutch lads in the Moto 3 championship having a wee scrap in thee gravel after one took out of the other at the German GP at the weekend. 19 more words