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Visiting Greece

I saw
Athena’s Acropolis
Poseidon’s temple
Apollo’s mountain
Delphi’s Oracle
Agamemnon’s tomb
Mycenae’s graves
Corinth’s columns
Then I closed the


Body Snatchers

Body snatching was prevalent in the 19th century, and is often incorrectly referred to as grave robbing (stealing of personal effects from corpses.)

Prior to 1832, the only legal supply of corpses for anatomical and lecturing purposes in the UK were those sentenced to capital punishment and dissection by the courts. 244 more words


Garrone River, Bordeaux, France

Terraced Chateauxs perch along the glorious, peaceful Garonne River near the ancient town of Bordeaux, France. The Garonne is host to numerous river cruises and a port for larger Mediterranean cruise lines who dock for a day to see the sights and partake in the endless choice of wine tours. 42 more words


The Webster Family

The tiered waterfall at Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, Dundas, Ontario, Canada, was originally known as Dr. Hamilton’s falls, owner of the land in 1818. The waterfalls and 78 acres of the surrounding land were purchased by Joseph Webster who had arrived from England in 1820. 166 more words


A collection of photographs

Here is a link to a youtube video that I made. The video is a collection of photographs that I have been taking over the past couple of years of places in and around Savannah Georgia. 39 more words

Black And White

Appropriate Name in the End

In the late 1880s, Lester Moore worked as a Wells Fargo Station Agent in the Mexico-United States border town of Naco, Arizona. One day a man named Hank Dunstan arrived at the Wells Fargo station to pick up a package he was expecting. 102 more words


things best left unsaid, 21st November 2014

what happens when someone who is hard to like in life becomes hard to mourn in death?…….. it’s a taboo, hence why we have the much-touted phrase “one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead”…….. 272 more words