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Graveyard Shift, Part 2

Time not only catches up with us, but it also takes it’s toll on our memorials. Bit by bit they are eroded away, until nothing is left. 262 more words

Black And White

Just Wondering

Early in the summer, I was camping in the southern Utah town of Cedar City. After a day of hiking and then napping by the pool at the campground, I ventured out for a short run about town. 1,061 more words

Personal Essay


HELL is NOT what you may THINK!

We are NOT born with the taint of “original sin” (which is the doctrine of Adam’s sin as a mark upon every soul, even before we are born) this is a Catholic doctrine, which gave rise to the doctrine of baptizing infants. 1,316 more words

Calming Cemetery

In a recent visit to the cemetery I found it extremely beautiful and calming. The energy and sunlight is infectious! Every shot I took was gleaming with radiant light, hopefully another visit this weekend so I can share more of it’s beauty with you guys.


♥ HIS ♥

~ Carlee is Wearing ~

Hair – Spellbound / Suspiria

Latex Outfit – Graves / Obedience

Ankle Boots – Graves / Bound

See more photos: 6 more words

♥ His ♥

~ Carlee Is Wearing ~

Hair – Spellbound / Suspiria

Latex Outfit – Graves / Obedience

Ankle Boots – Graves / Bound

See more photos at: 6 more words

Dracovic5 Placement Matches Summary

Game 1 : Defeat

Role : ADC           Champion : Lucian          KDA : 4/4/14            CS : 193         Build :         Total gold : 13.2 k

Enemy ADC       Champion : Caytlin      KDA : 9/7/7       CS : 180     Build :  217 more words