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The Art of Artificial Living

For much of the past 13 years I’ve worked graveyard shifts. Have I gotten used to it? No. It’s an unnatural state, and I hate it. 559 more words


Time to Make the... what the hell?

You show me one person who doesn’t like a piping hot ring of yeast, dripping with a fine white glaze of sweet sugar and we will both know the face of Satan. 1,732 more words

If You've Ever Worked A Graveyard Shift, You Know Just How Creepy It Can Get

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1. They claimed to be Jesus

I work the graveyard shift at an in patient mental health facility, we specialize in mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation.

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So you think you're night shift material?


The sun is releasing its first burst of rays for the day while droves of people pull in to the closest Starbucks for their morning fix. 616 more words

Overnight Shift

The overnight shifts at my McDonalds are usually very hectic. Our drive-thru and lobby is open 24 hours so all the drunk customers come in the restaurant and have face-to-face time with my cashiers. 376 more words

Fast Food

New Slanged: Scott H. Biram

by: Thomas D. Mooney

Scott H. Biram is a modern bluesman. He’s a man of the times–one where the modern bluesman mixes country, folk, metal, southern gothic charm, singer-songwriter feeling, and equal combinations of mythic and grounded tales. 1,825 more words

New Slanged

Mopping Semen

I’ve recently begun working at an adult video and novelty store, with an arcade and theater. If you don’t know what an arcade is, in relation to the adult entertainment business, that lesson will have to wait for another day. 751 more words