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Books released Wednesday 24th of December 2014

Wondering what to pick up this week when you head to the comic book store? we here at Inter-Comics have got you covered. 285 more words


Back to the Graveyard

Tonight I get to go back to the graveyard shift. I tried to sleep earlier but I couldn’t. This is going to be a long night. 343 more words

The End of Days

My hope is that I can write every single day, keep track of my life and progresses or lack therefore if that may be the case. 459 more words

OFF THE CUFF: Where do old sayings come from? (part 2)

Hearing idioms– a.k.a. old sayings, slang, expressions – used in every-day conversation has always caught my interest, and finding out how and where they began has over the years become somewhat of a hobby. 1,123 more words

Doug's Column

Thoughts On The Graveyard Shift (And Why I Love It)

Local news seems to be slow for me this week (the story of the man who went on a naked rampage after falling through a ceiling at Logan Airport was interesting, but there’s not much to add to it) and as disgusted as I am with… 527 more words

Brain Droppings

The nurse who bulks

So pretty much everyone I work with has figured out by now that I lift heavy weights….I’m talking heavy. I started competing in fitness competitions a little over a year ago. 348 more words


Xenology: The Get-It Guys

Billy Pilgrim has a Gerber-baby face and a Son-of-Sam haircut. His outfit is Army surplus: he only ever wears the service greens and the camo. It suits him, though. 804 more words

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