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Afflicted with the “me too” syndrome, Obama pumps with all his might imposing more sanctions on Putin. A counterbalancing act, off-setting the imminent withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. 291 more words


Give a Rolls to an Indian,
and he will convert it to a glorified Landmaster

AirSculpture: Graveyard Shift

Graveyard Shift by AirSculpture
Released: 17 May 2014

So what is the present but an outgrowth of the past? The early work of Tangerine Dream is often cited as establishing the “Berlin-School”. 407 more words


The Art of Artificial Living

For much of the past 13 years I’ve worked graveyard shifts. Have I gotten used to it? No. It’s an unnatural state, and I hate it. 559 more words


Time to Make the... what the hell?

You show me one person who doesn’t like a piping hot ring of yeast, dripping with a fine white glaze of sweet sugar and we will both know the face of Satan. 1,732 more words

If You've Ever Worked A Graveyard Shift, You Know Just How Creepy It Can Get

Found on r/AskReddit.

1. They claimed to be Jesus

I work the graveyard shift at an in patient mental health facility, we specialize in mental health and substance abuse rehabilitation.

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So you think you're night shift material?


The sun is releasing its first burst of rays for the day while droves of people pull in to the closest Starbucks for their morning fix. 616 more words