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Thoughts had while sleeping in a graveyard in Elsinore, Denmark because I couldn’t afford a hostel:

These are the quietest moments I’ve had since coming to Scandinavia. Sweden was always whispering in my ears. Trains buzz. Cars rumble. People hum. Wind rustles. 254 more words


Internet Archaeology

You know what’s weird?  The internet will someday be a weird spooky graveyard. Think about it…the ‘nets has really only been around for maybe 15-20 years.   1,205 more words


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Most my days in BA consisted of sleeping in, being sick, and leaving the hostel once everyday. The first day I went on walking tour with the hostel to Palmero. 125 more words


Graveyard Dirt

Graveyard Dirt

So first of all, please be respectful when getting or using graveyard dirt. There seems to be a lot of ways, uses, and opinions but here’s mine. 455 more words


Good Gravestones at Graceland

At Graceland Cemetery, resting spot of the Victorian-era Chicagoan, the baying of the deceased takes the form of decorous graves. Hear them howl from the other world– but only ever in the form of stone shapes melting slowly across time. 78 more words


In this dark haven for the dead
where geometrically carved stone
juts between contrived angels
organic but not sentient;
where grass fast finds purchase
over each newly heaped mound… 57 more words