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Improved constraint on the primordial gravitational-wave density

Many cosmological models predict the existence of a stochastic Gravitational-Wave (GW) background produced just after the universe was born. As gravitational waves do not interact with matter, their detection would give us a unique and pristine probe to study the very first instants of the Universe: when it was 50 orders of magnitude younger than its age at the epoch of the photon decoupling. 447 more words


From NOVA: "From Discovery to Dust"


Wed, 29 Oct 2014
Amanda Gefter

The idea was too beautiful to be wrong.

That you could start with nothing, apply some basic laws of physics, and get a universe out of it—a universe that was uniform on the largest scales but replete with the lumps and bumps we call stars and galaxies, a universe, that is, that looks like ours—well, it didn’t matter that the theory didn’t quite work at first. 8,201 more words

Basic Research

Gravitational-wave sensitivity curves

Differing weights and differing measures—
the LORD detests them both. — Proverbs 20:10

As a New Year’s resolution, I thought I would try to write a post on each paper I have…

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Ka-Boom! Two Black Holes Get Ready to Collide

For cosmic drama, nothing should beat a supermassive black hole. It weighs millions, or even billions of times as much as the Sun; it eats stars whole… 527 more words

Even a tiny cosmological constant casts a long shadow

How safe is it to ignore the cosmological constant in the study of isolated systems and gravitational waves?

Analysis of isolated systems, such as stars, black holes and compact binaries, has dominated gravitational science, spanning diverse areas that include geometric analysis, computational relativity, gravitational waves, relativistic astrophysics and quantum black-holes. 507 more words


The 12 most important moments in science in 2014

An Antarctic ice shelf: in 2014, three huge glaciers showed ‘irreversible decline’. Photograph: blickwinkel / Alamy/Alamy

1 The West Antarctic ice sheet enters irreversible decline… 2,351 more words