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Video: Hunting for gravitational waves using pulsars

As features editor of Physics World magazine, my search for stories to share with our readers takes me far and wide – from nuclear reactors… 346 more words


From Princeton- " SPIDER: Searching for the Echoes of Inflation"

Princeton University

December 5, 2014
Zigmund Kermish
Zigmund Kermish is an associate research scholar at Princeton University.

Wait, why am I in Antarctica?

I realized I’ve not yet written a blog post explaining why my experiment is in Antarctica. 1,439 more words

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From Ethan Siegel: "The Moment of Truth for BICEP2"

Starts with a Bang

Dec 2, 2014
Ethan Siegel

“The paradigm of physics — with its interplay of data, theory and prediction — is the most powerful in science.” -Geoffrey West… 1,294 more words

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Achieving resonance in the Advanced LIGO gravitational-wave interferometer

The next generation gravitational wave interferometers, known as Advanced LIGO, located in Hanford, WA and Livingston, LA have been installed and are in the process of achieving a sensitivity required for the first direct detection of a gravitational wave. 441 more words


From NYT: "New Images Refine View of Infant Universe"

The New York Times

DEC. 1, 2014

Dennis Overbye

In a throwback to another era in cosmic history, astronomers on Monday discussed the birth of the universe in a 15th-century palace, the Palazzo Costabili in Ferrara, Italy, where the amenities do not include Internet access. 1,080 more words

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