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Gravitational Waves Or Galactic Dust?

Earlier this year scientistsĀ announced they had made a mind-boggling discovery – they had finally identified gravitational waves originating from theĀ beginning of the universe. However, it turns out these well-wishing researchersĀ could have been fooled by space dust. 594 more words

The Universe

Apollo astronauts left an array of seismometers to study moonquakes. Now astrophysicists are scouring the data for evidence of gravitational waves

One of the great unanswered questions in science is whether the universe is filled with gravitational waves and if so, whether we can spot them. 191 more words


Finding gravitational waves in stars? Now thats an old idea...

Despite the apparent setback in the search for gravitational waves conducted earlier this year, a different team of scientists are hoping for better success with predictions overlooked since 1916. 536 more words


From RAS: "Finding hints of gravitational waves in the stars"

Royal Astronomical Society

September 22, 2014

Media contact

Kendra Snyder
Manager of Science Communication
Department of Communications
American Museum of Natural History
New York
USA… 766 more words

Basic Research

BICEP2 bites the dust.. or does it?

Well, it’s come about three weeks later than I suggested – you should know that you can never trust anything you read in a blog – but the long-awaited… 878 more words

The Universe And Stuff

Giant laser observatory makes progress

By Maria Dasi Espuig

The Advanced Ligo instrument, a laser “ruler” built to measure the traces of gravitational waves, is progressing at amazing speed, scientists say. 770 more words