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So they have recently discovered evidence for gravitational waves which puts the Inflation Hypothesis on solid empirical grounds. Which indirectly is evidence in favour of string theory and the multi-verse, that so loved and hated of theories. 304 more words


Feeling the pulse of the space-time continuum.

Humans have known about the force of gravity since ancient times. Yet, we are still exploring its true nature, how it works, and why it works the way it does.

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Feeling the pulse of the space-time continuum

The Copernican
April 17, 2014

Haaaaaave you met PSR B1913+16? The first three letters of its name indicate it’s a pulsating radio source, an object in the universe that gives off energy as radio waves at very specific periods. 1,964 more words

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Behind the Curtains of the Cosmos 3: Keys to the Cosmos

by Shane L. Larson

The fact that the curtain of the Cosmic Microwave Background exists is a huge boon to astronomers, giving us confidence in our understanding of Big Bang cosmology. 1,478 more words


Today's e-mail conversation!

Unlike what Dr. Manhattan believes, it turned out that the Universe does notice sometimes!

The Jornal da UNESP wants to publish an article on the recent discovery of BICEP2 in their next issue for the public audience. 837 more words


Behind the Curtains of the Cosmos 2: Gravitational Waves

by Shane L. Larson

Nearly every picture you have ever seen of galaxies and nebulae and stars, and virtually everything that we know about the Cosmos, has been obtained with light.  1,950 more words