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Soon an angel’s leaving,
they’re ruled by laws of gravity.
Soon this door is closing,
and you’ll never know unless you go,
no, you’ll never know if you won’t go.

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The Power of Metaphor and the Limits of Paradigm Shifts

Given that we seem to be living int he age of the paradigm shift, I thought I would mention some thoughts about paradigm shifts, and relate these to creativity, innovation and design thinking. 840 more words


Week 3 - Gravity

In the movie Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron-release in 2013, Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock, medical engineer and astronaut apprentice) and Matt Kowalski (George Clooney, Astronaut) are working on satellite project in outer space. 151 more words


Boyhood (Cinema Screening)


So finally Boyhood has been released in the UK. The wait for this film has seemed one of the longest and especially the two weeks in between its release in other parts of the world and its release in the UK. 698 more words

Cinema Screenings

Man Finds God's Shit ... Still Waiting for Nobel Prize

Joshua Feuerstein is at it again — spreading videos that promise so much more than they deliver.

This blog, I promise you, is not just dedicated to making a fool of Mr. 471 more words