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Logo stitching

In order to see how my logo design looks in fabric form I created a badge for each wearable. Using a CAD programme and CAM sewing machine to stitch the design I can see that colour is important along with the stitch used. 14 more words


Logo Design

Wanting to make my design have its own style and ‘brand’ I decided to create a logo the uses the same colour, text and use of lines that form the pattern of the wearables. 24 more words


Emer Deluxe Foldable Contoured Gravity Inversion Table for Back Therapy Exercise Fitness INVR-09

Inversion tables have been a proven therapy that is recommended by physicians to alleviate back pain, increase flexibility, and improve joint health simply by using it for minutes every day. 161 more words

Into gearup Lean Machine Gravity Rack RedBlack

The majority of people are blind to the differences between a 1U rack server and a 2U rack server. The most obvious of these differences is the height. 340 more words


Cages of the Mind

Trapped, surrounded, the walls close in.
Suffocating, unable to move, I struggle for my next breath.

Then I remember. I built this cage. It is made of uncertainty, guilt, and fear.   290 more words


The Four Fundamental Forces

When scientists say “force”, they usually aren’t referring to the mighty power used by the Jedi to hurl people across the room. In science, a force is any interaction between two or more things that causes them to change. 213 more words