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Emer Premium Gravity Back Therapy Fitness Exercise Inversion Table INVR-06B

Inversion tables have been a proven therapy that is recommended by physicians to alleviate back pain, increase flexibility, and improve joint health simply by using it for minutes every day. 59 more words

Gorilla Glue Super 24 Piece Gravity Display 053 Ounces

· Medical super glue has been discovered which helps in the replacement for stitches.

As we all know that super glue the most adhesive bonding available in the market today. 290 more words

Bottling - American Wheat

So, last night my brother and I bottled the American Wheat I brewed almost two weeks ago (12 days to be exact).

For the most part, everything went well. 312 more words


Aerial Yoga Filming

In order to get a better understanding of the movements and positions used in routines I recorded my visit to the yoga studio. By capturing the routines I was able to see the poses I can reflect into my speclative future design and the routine users can recreate. 12 more words


Aerial Yoga London Visit

After conversing via email for a few weeks I was finally able to visit the Aerial Yoga London studio and meet the instructors that run the sessions. 132 more words


Fitting Trousers

Having  completed creating a set of weighted trousers, asking my model to try them on it became clear that the waist will need some refinement. Adding darts and possibly a belt of some form will keep the trousers up and in the correct place. 47 more words


#5 in the Decade of Letting Go: Gravity

I’m aware of the benefits of gravity.  It keeps our globe spinning around the sun, and the moon tethered to our nights.  I can appreciate being able to eat a potato chip without it floating out of my hand, drifting to catch it with my open mouth like an astronaut.   173 more words

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