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Gray Catbird Stragglers Passing Through

Gray catbirds begin their nocturnal migration to wintering grounds in late August and early September. The last of the stragglers are now passing through northern New England. 100 more words

Friend in the Campground

Full day: Today I worked half a day and this afternoon run around with my friend(Barry) who is here in the campground now and will stay for the rest of my time(till the end of the month). 121 more words


Gray Catbird

Three weeks ago, at the Abbott Marshlands, as I was taking pictures of the swans, a gray bird followed me around, emitting a strange sound, perhaps because I was invading its territory. 46 more words


Gray Catbird

One of my most favorite birds. The Gray Catbird has a beautiful color. The very northern part of Florida can see the Catbird year round, while for most of the state it is a winter bird. 29 more words


Catbirds Dominating the Thickets

This time of year boasts the highest bird populations of the year because so many first-year birds have hatched, fledged and headed out on their own. 91 more words