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I Love my Pets

Every morning when I go out to refill the feeders

I can’t help to think that I have taken the responsibility… 157 more words


Visitors of the Rain

I’m very glad that a couple of Ruby-throated Hummingbird are back and I got the feeling that are building their nest by the pine trees. 137 more words


Gray Catbird #7

A Gray Catbird hanging out in the back yard.


DNCB Outing No. 2014-28 to Pitt Lake

More photos at DNCB Picasa website

Eight of us left Petra’s in two cars (Tom, Gerhard, Jane, Julian and Kay, Glen, Roger, Mike) to reunite on the road up to the lake when Roger grabbed a terrified Northern Flicker from under a mob of crows.  427 more words


Nesting Catbirds

It’s common to hear the mews and endless melodies of a catbird at close range, but much more difficult to actually get a good look at one. 174 more words

Nature Photography

Catbird charisma

Gray Catbirds visit in the early evening.

They are here for food.

And for showing off.

We watch them.

And they watch us.

the "cat's meow"

If you haven’t heard the Gray Catbird’s plaintive mew — well, you haven’t missed much.  It’s annoying in its repetitiveness, but really does sound like a cat being strangled.   292 more words