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Hi, everyone,

When you have a moment, please read Grayson’s latest post on Rara and Grayson’s story.

We’ve asked so much from everyone in the WordPress ‘sphere and would like to say thank you. 60 more words


1 Month

It’s been a month since Rara went to jail, and as time stretches on, things seem to be getting harder and harder.

The other day during a discussion, I defined hope as: An intentionally false belief to help you get through a difficult time. 224 more words


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It's been a month and no change yet.   The letter is pure Rara though, taking the bad while discovering and encouraging the good.   I managed to hold it together while reading this, even with the disturbing details about food and such.   Then I got to the last page and lost it.  The tears flowed.  If you read it, I am sure you can see why it might have that effect. I miss my friend.  Let's do what we can to try to help still, for her and Grayson.  More time is going to pass before this is resolved, so if you can't give today, then please give as soon you can. [embed]http://queenrawr.wordpress.com/[/embed]