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#338 Pasar lokal di Bali

People buy things without taking off the their motorbikes.

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#337 Pasar lokal di Bali




I visited Bali this summer.
There were  many luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, great temples and lovely shops/restaurants.
But the  place where I most loved to take photos were local markets(Pasar) there.

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TDDH: Dec IV 41: The Japanese

That pounding sound that you hear is me banging my head on my desk. I did it again. I got a bit ahead of myself and had the Japanese perform an air raid when they couldn’t do so. 1,396 more words


Serious Eating

Filipinos are fun loving people, but as you can see here, some Lechon Kawali and Halo-Halo will make you a serious eater fast! :-)

Note: Shot with the original 8.1mp Ricoh GR Digital, my favorite digital street camera. 11 more words

TDDH: Dec III 41: The Allies

The Japanese invasion is well under way. The positioning of the Japanese forces makes for some difficult choices on the part of the Allies.

The tanks were left too far forward, advancing when they probably should have withdrawn. 1,693 more words


TDDH: Dec III 41: The Japanese

The last turn I had a brain fart of major proportions. I mistook type M vessels, which can sweep mines for code M vessels (read submarines) which can only lay mines. 3,175 more words


TDDH: The Japanese Invasion Plan & Dec II 41

While I was playing the first couple of turns as I was learning the ropes of this game, I had made the observation that the Japanese plan had to be detailed down to the last movement point, almost, otherwise things get forgotten or ignored. 3,593 more words