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TDDH: Jan II 42: The Allies

The last turn ended with the Allies facing a major decision. To counterattack and try to force the Japanese back towards Olongapo/Iba, or to fall back and block the road to Manila, to wait for the Japanese withdrawal to be completed, then counterattack. 789 more words


TDDH: Jan II 42: The Japanese

It is well past time to pick up the pace on this campaign.

Allied Errata

This isn’t a rules mistake, but a minor issue concerning naval bases. 1,206 more words


TDDH: Jan I 42: The Allies

Japanese Jan I 42 Errata

It wasn’t until I started doing the movement phase of this turn that I discovered that the Ki-21-1c was shown inoperable in the wrong hex. 1,527 more words


TDDH: Jan I 1942: The Japanese

It has been awhile since I’ve updated. I have picked up a new laptop, so it can be closer to the front as the action takes place, and hopefully my reporters will be able to file their reports in a more timely manner. 1,922 more words


¡Ponte productivo! – 15 ideas que realmente funcionan

¿Te puedo contar un pequeño secreto?

Trabajar inteligente no se trata de hacer más en menos tiempo. Se trata de hacer menos en más tiempo. 1,542 more words


Family Meeting

Things you often do when you travel in group (with family)

@Orchard Road, Singapore