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Global Resource Directory (GRD)

The RAC environment includes many resources such as multiple versions of data block buffers in buffer caches in different modes, Oracle uses locking and queuing mechanisms to coordinate lock resources, data and interinstance data requests. 2,758 more words


25 Jahre Mauerfall - Commemorating the Fall of the Berlin Wall

Erinnerungen an den Berliner Mauerfall vor 25 Jahren - COMMEMORATING the Fall of the Berlin Wall 25 years ago

(Eine Fotostrecke mit Erinnerungen von Dieter Kermas) 495 more words
Cultural Happenings

The Original Ricoh GR Digital: A Look Back

The Ricoh GR Digital was an 8.1 megapixel point and shoot camera released by Ricoh in 2006.

In subsequent years, Ricoh released the GR Digital II, III, IV, and in 2013 they released their current 16mp GR with an APS-C sensor. 746 more words

Jan III 42: The Allies

The Supply Situation

The Allies now have only one objective: to reestablish contact with Manila and get that supply line reopened.

The Allies have been split in half and Manila has been sealed off from the units to the north. 1,799 more words


TDDH: Jan III 42: The Japanese

Things are actually looking bleak for the Japanese. The IJN has withdrawn, leaving only a few small destroyers and some transports. They have lost much of their strength this turn. 1,144 more words


TDDH: Jan II 42: The Allies

The last turn ended with the Allies facing a major decision. To counterattack and try to force the Japanese back towards Olongapo/Iba, or to fall back and block the road to Manila, to wait for the Japanese withdrawal to be completed, then counterattack. 789 more words


TDDH: Jan II 42: The Japanese

It is well past time to pick up the pace on this campaign.

Allied Errata

This isn’t a rules mistake, but a minor issue concerning naval bases. 1,206 more words