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If children could choose their parents

A PSA targeted at parents who abuse alcohol.

Fragile Childhood, a Finland-based children’s charity association and ad agency Havas Worldwide Helsinki is back to instill further awareness toward drunken parents and their habit of abusing alcohol. 171 more words

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Flashback on Fantastic with Washington Olivetto

One of Clio 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner’s best works.

Washington Olivetto of WMcCANN Brasil might sound foreign to some but he is no stranger in the advertising industry. 204 more words

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Graphic novel of The Bacardi Story

This is The Spirit of Bacardi – illustrated.

Famous comic writer Warren Ellis and artist Mike Allred were chosen to create a graphic novel to celebrate the long illustrious history of the… 82 more words

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Dove's Legacy

How girls feel about beauty starts from their mothers.

After the award-winning Real Beauty, Dove returns with another self-esteem spot named Legacy. With Ogilvy Paris… 169 more words

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Nestle's Bra Cam

It’s not what you think it is.

As lewd as it sounds, Nestle‘s latest stunt is for a good cause. October is breast cancer awareness month and the MNC has churn out a viral video just for this Pink Ribbon initiative. 94 more words

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Derek Jeter: Made in New York

The benchmark for tributes.

New York Yankees captain – Derek Jeter – stars and writes his farewell tribute video sponsored by Gatorade and made by… 139 more words

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Heart-melting 'Don't Drink & Drive' PSA

For dog lovers out there, please watch this.

Budweiser‘s latest PSA takes on the route of a man’s best friend, the tail-wagging, furry creature we call a dog. 77 more words

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