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Making the invisible, visible

UNICEF Bulgaria sheds some light over a dark issue.

A creative billboard that exposes the perpetrator. Children who are victims of domestic violence often wait in fear the time their parents come home in the evening. 52 more words

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How to make men buy lingerie for their significant other

Only 2% of men buy lingerie for their partners.

Marisa Lingerie of Brazil introduced Strip Commerce by teaching men how to buy more lingerie instead of flowers, chocolates and clothes. 66 more words

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The Idea Catchers

…by DDB Asia Pacific.

One Damon Stapleton said, “The idea is the gift, the award is the wrapping paper”.

Utterly inspiring, this video reminds us of life in an advertising agency – to create. 370 more words

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How some marketers are still operating in the 16th century

Way back in 1543, a Polish astronomer named Copernicus published De revolutionises erbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres). In a nutshell, it suggested that the Sun, and not the Earth, was at the centre of the known universe. 409 more words

The Sapeurs - the true superstars

The spotlight on Congo’s best-dressed community.

The Society of Elegant Persons of the Congo aka The Sapeurs, is an impeccably stylish club made up of blue-collar workers in the African country of Congo. 96 more words

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Waste (food) no more

This is how you stop food from going to waste.

Intermarche, a French supermarket chain buys fruits and vegetables that are often rejected by consumers and gave it a brilliant spin – … 131 more words

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Great commercial with a surprising twist

This is what “Made of More” really stands for.

Basketball, loved by millions around the world, is an All-American sport. Guinness, loved by millions around the world (too!), is proudly Irish. 96 more words

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