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Vogue Empower

This week, we take a look at what starts out to be a poignant ad making the rounds of our television sets and let’s face it, youtube. 463 more words

Aubrey Plaza & The Super Bowl

Newcastle’s Band of Brands

Droga5 and Aubrey Plaza (@EvilHag)has a thing for sarcasm. Can’t blame them when brands spend US$4million for 30 seconds of airtime during the… 170 more words

Great Ads

Dear kitten, regarding the big game...

Today is going to get… weird.

To start, apparently a brand can only use the term “Super Bowl” if they are official sponsors. So this amazing video by online site… 154 more words

Great Ads

Adidas #ThereWillBeHaters

This is how you take on the haters.

Personally, this is our favourite Adidas Football campaign – #ThereWillBeHaters. Featuring Luis Suarez (@LuisSuarez9), Gareth Bale ( 298 more words

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A mother's need for speed

Introducing the Shrimp Gun.

This new-age cooking technology reflects NTT DoCoMo‘s Internet speed? We certainly hope so. Japan’s biggest telco provider took a mother-daughter team to prove a point. 68 more words

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This is a kabe-don

It’s not creepy, it’s just their culture.

g.u. recently held a kabe-don event for the holiday season sale and it surely got ‘em girls blushing. … 130 more words

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How getting pelted by a snowball looks like

In slow mo…

Agency Exit10 locked down its creatives to come up with something that sticks to the viewers’ head. This is the result.

Using a Phantom Miro camera and shot at 1,500 fps, every single employee – all 17 of them – were pelted with snowballs just to celebrate the holiday season. 42 more words

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