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Under Armour's biggest women's ad campaign

And it’s amazingly inspiring.

When it comes to Under Armour, it’s more than just football. This amazing campaign – “I Will What I Want” – features not-so-famous female athletes and their amazing journey to success and stardom. 384 more words

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Shot with the iPhone, edited at the backseat

The new Bentley commercial is still as luxurious.

Makers of some of the most expensive and luxurious cars in the world pulled out one of the greatest commercial by using minimal gadgetry. 161 more words

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A tear-jerking tribute to moms

A dedication to mothers with new born babies.

Presented by Pampers, this video shows Japanese mothers bringing their babies for their first-year check-up at the hospital. 58 more words

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3 Thumbs Up!

We all know how a plane’s wing look like now!

Three, a UK-based telco company found a brilliant way to promote its services that cover 16 countries, thanks to… 105 more words

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Finding (Doggy) Love on Tinder

Find something better than true love.

We all know Tinder. Many of us use Tinder. Ultimately, we look for love. But what this bunch of interns from… 151 more words

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Be OK, ok?

Allianz shows us what speedy service is.

Don’t press the ‘Skip Ad’ button, but hit the ‘Be OK’ button. And that is how Allianz get their customers back on the road quickly after an accident. 94 more words

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Making the invisible, visible

UNICEF Bulgaria sheds some light over a dark issue.

A creative billboard that exposes the perpetrator. Children who are victims of domestic violence often wait in fear the time their parents come home in the evening. 52 more words

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