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Secret To Life

My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitless of my soul.

The effect you have on others, is the most valuable currency there is. 383 more words


Guys, girls are really simple!

I understand that women can be difficult to understand from time to time but they are actually quite simple.  (If I miss any area you’d like me to cover I’d be happy to help you!!!) 204 more words


On Trolls

(Before my usual ranting, I’d like to give a shout-out to this guy. I was at a loss for something to post today, but his recent posts inspired me. 618 more words


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Solution for oily lotion hands

Okay, every knows the gross oily feeling of your hands after you put on lotion… Well I’ve found the solution to that problem!!

Put on your lotion and before you rub it in pour some baby power on it… Rub that in and apply more baby lotion until the greasy feeling is gone!!


Just Another Invisible Girl

Spread The Word

Everyone Needs Help Sooner Or Later

I’ve learned a lot when dealing with teens and I know that that is the most difficult time for understanding between parent and child.  I’ve decided to share the knowledge I have.   61 more words

Advice For Parents Of Teens

Heck this makes sense ! And i don't even believe in it !

You know “Karma” and all that bollocks?
Yes, you’ve guessed it : i’m a little hermetic to all that stuff.
Yet you know what?? This list of 12 really took me by surprise. 15 more words

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