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How to learn any language in six months

I definitely thought to myself “it’s easier said than done” a few times, but generally there are some useful things to have in mind when you are learning a foreign language.

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Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

Austin Kleon has a new book out, “Show Your Work!”.

Check it out and start to show your own work!

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The Chico's Bail Bonds Bracket Challenge.

Unfortunately, I was runner-up to Quicken Loans when Warren Buffett was choosing a partner for his Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge, so I can’t offer up 10 figures to anyone, but if you want to sign up for a bunch of spam from the asshat¬†who owns the Cavs–go ahead. ¬† 950 more words


15 cool tricks of the body

1.) If you’ve got an itch in your throat, scratch your ear. When the nerves in the ear get stimulated, they create a reflex in the throat that causes a muscle spasm, which cures the itch. 655 more words

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YOU ARE CAPABLE OF SO MUCH MORE! (There are many forces holding you back)

When I was younger I loved History. It mattered little what time frame, place, or culture involved, so long as it was Human History I was insatiably curious. 711 more words

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