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Bing Crosby sings some Christmas songs that are NOT "White Christmas"

Every Christmas people play that ultimate of all popular Christmas songs, “White Christmas.” It has arguably been the most popular song ever, the best selling single, the song that keeps both Irving Berlin and Bing Crosby’s names alive today among people who otherwise would never know either man. 738 more words

Great American Songbook

Spotlight: Spending a White Christmas at the Holiday Inn

Kicking off the holiday season, we’ll be taking a look at two of the most popular seasonal movie musicals ever made- and compare/contrast them a little bit since they’re often confused with one another. 368 more words

Shakespeare November: Love's Labour's Lost

A Shakespeare Musical.  I kid you not.  When my friend Manda Barker recommend this movie for me to review, I rolled my eyes and wondered “What I have done to deserve this?”  Remembering when this movie came out, “Love’s Labour’s Lost” was trashed by the critics and proved to be the end of the Shakespeare film craze that was started with Branagh’s “Henry V” and reached its apex with “Shakespeare In Love”.   310 more words


"It's Been A Long, Long Time" - The End of WWII

I’ve always been a bit of a living anachronism; I know virtually nothing about my own, contemporary culture and I especially know little about the music of my era. 584 more words

Great American Songbook

"To Keep My Love Alive" - Deliciously Murderous Song by Rodgers and Hart, from "A Connecticut Yankee"

Several years ago, I read Thomas Mallory’s Le Morte d’Arthur. It was an unintentionally hilarious book. Damosels (that’s how he spells it) show up randomly and either get beheaded (a surprisingly common occurrence – for the woman, anyway) or abducted or seduced or vamp the men or ask for help or offer adventure. 757 more words

Great American Songbook

Great Deals on MGM and Warner Bros. Musical DVD Sets

Each of the following packs contains four classic musical movies- and all of them are under $20 at Barnes and Noble (which, I’ve discovered, is also a great place to find OBC recordings of shows). 492 more words

A Filler Entry...But...

Good afternoon, everyone. Sorry this week’s blog entry is so late; it’s been a weird week and the thing I WAS planning for you hasn’t quite pulled through yet. 274 more words