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Revival and Revivalism: Samuel Davies, Part Two

Samuel Davies, Part Two of Two



3) The essential role of the Holy Spirit in revival


“The outpouring of the Holy Spirit is the great and only remedy for a ruined country—the only effectual preventative of national calamities and desolation, and the only sure cause of a lasting and well-established peace” (p. 583 more words

Review: Putting Amazing Back into Grace

Putting Amazing Back into Grace by Michael Horton

Disappointed By This One

I know lots of people have read this book and absolutely loved it. I had seen it recommended by at least two sources that I highly respect, so I expected it to be great. 411 more words



A moment ago I was searching Facebook for people I used to call friends. Those I thought I would be friends with for a lifetime. This isn’t a “I am so sad and I wish I was still there friends” blog, its more of a remembrance thing. 803 more words

Random Thoughts

The Christian Role In Government

By: Jayson Williams

Christians should play a major role in the arena of politics and government. The world should look to Christians for answers to the world’s problems because we have Christ in our heart and we are filled with the Holy Ghost. 1,376 more words

Nature doesn't need people...

…but people need nature.

One of my spiritual teachers once made the comment to myself and a group of others regarding our fear of “destroying the planet.”  It’s a common one among those of us who consider our beloved Mama Gaia to be more than just a patch of ground for us to pillage.   115 more words


Can revival come? | SBTS Southern Blog

I recently asked a university president what he thought was the greatest need of our hour. And after careful consideration, the president responded, “I may surprise you, because I’m not a religious man. 177 more words

Jesus Doesn't Always Pay Attention to You

When I said Good morning to Jesus today per my usual practice, something unusual happened: I saw an image of him looking the other way. Without thinking twice I raised my voice and tried to get his attention. 848 more words

Jesus Revolution