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Revival and Revivalism--Introduction

“’The chariot of the gospel never has free course, but the devil tries to be charioteer.’ There is nothing he is so much afraid of as the power of the Holy Ghost. 902 more words

Let Revival Begin!

Dear Friends:

God has called us back to New York, specifically to the city of Nyack in Rockland County.

This is our sixth trip to Nyack from Miami. 694 more words


In, not Of

I read somewhere–I can’t recall where exactly, to my regret–that there are two opposed forces within Christianity, constantly tugging it in two different directions.  They might go by many names: conventional and unconventional, worldly and unworldly, fleshly and ascetic, or what-have-you.  855 more words


Montague’s Message for Sunday 10 August 2014

So much is being orchestrated to try to bring you down and to prevent your work. They will not be allowed to succeed. In their desperation to find a way to start World War III, they are lashing out at everyone they perceive to be in their way. 1,055 more words


This Extraordinary Work

Christianity was waning in the late 1700’s.  The growing prosperity of the American frontier was making it easy for settlers to rely on themselves and to forget God.  474 more words


End Times: We initiate the return of Christ ebook available!

  “Exit Strategy” (seen below) is now available at most e-book venues.

Jesus went to the garden knowing what was to come. Are we willing to see darkness    released as God said it would be and are we willing to initiate the series of events that will afterward bring Jesus back for us?  716 more words

Why Do We Need a Great Grace Awakening?


Dear friends, I feel this issue deeply enough I decided to compose it as a personal appeal, rather than a blog. 1,917 more words