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Scotland has escaped hell

but is now condemned to purgaTORY,

unless it finds the courage to join UKIP and leave the EU.



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It’s been a long time. How have you been? What better post to come back to than a post about Scottish Independence! Now that the vote is in, I feel more comfortable talking about it openly. 429 more words



Our right to call our country Great Britain was arguably lost long ago. But with the Scottish Independence Referendum surely we have ALL – Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish and English – earned the right to call our still united Nation Great again. 84 more words

Community Issues

How China (and Hong Kong) sees the Scottish referendum

Scotland held a historical referendum today on whether to become independent from the United Kingdom.

Precisely, the question was: ‘Should Scotland be an independent country… 206 more words

Forever Scotland, More or Less

That Scottish independence referendum proved anti-climactic. Had the Scots voted to secede from the United Kingdom it would have been one of the biggest stories in years, roiling financial markets and re-aligning the geo-political order and fueling separatist movements around the world and provoking thousands of op-ed pieces and stirring up God only knows what other sorts of irksome mischief, but the… 787 more words


Honor and pride

There is this exhibition at the Moment, honoring the fallen soldiers of Great Britain in the world war… I love this style of honoring those who brought a country to the point where it is today… Sad but beautiful.