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GABS Brewer - Beavertown Brewery

GABS Brewer: Logan Plants from Beavertown Brewery in the UK

What beer are you making for GABS?
A 5.1 per cent Bramley Apple Saison.

Does it have a name yet? 151 more words


10 Things You Never Knew About: World War II

This is from SPICENewsroom.

We’ve all studied World War 2 and its far-reaching consequences in school. While almost everything about this epic war is common knowledge (or should be!), there are still several details that have eluded popular culture. 837 more words

Lack of Royal Hats Down Under

 Reader Laura writes “Why has Kate (The Duchess of Cambridge) worn so few hats so far on her tour of New Zealand and Australia? I don’t get it”.  317 more words

Great Britain

The First World War

The book I read to research this post was The First World War by John Keegan which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. 368 more words


Broadway Tower (again!)

One thing I didn’t mention in yesterday’s post about Broadway Tower was the fact that they currently feature on the front cover of the latest edition of the… 130 more words

Go Cotswolds

Paris Price Hike

This year’s French Open tournament will cough up more than €25m (£20.6m) in prize money after a substantial increase in earnings prior to next month’s competition. 192 more words

Great Britain

More Cheese Nellie?

Nellie auditions for the role of Gromit and Wallace seems impressed.