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The Great Wall of (Empty) China

After eating an entire pyramid in Egypt, I was pretty full during our flight to China.  After I ate it, the Food and Drug administration in America asked my permission to change our food… 219 more words


The Great Pyramids

After our freezing trek to Nepal, I was happy to be off to somewhere WARM.

We hopped back on my jet and headed for Egypt, because I wanted to see the great pyramids. 165 more words


A Vigorous Game of Bitey-Mouth.

Jet joined our household in spring. Dozer, however, was sort of a Christmas present. She was another rescue, this time a Bullmastiff with a champion pedigree who was living with her owner’s mother and being beaten up by a Malamute. 72 more words

Great Danes

Meeting Jet.

In December 2010, on the day of a final exam, I found out that my Great Dane Belle was going to be put down. Needless to say it was awful. 311 more words

Great Danes

Just Another Rainy Morning.

Little did Jet know when she was doing her potty dance at the front door that it was raining.

Yep, I took that picture through the window. 11 more words

Great Danes

Meet Jet.

This is Jet Star.

She is a rescued Great Dane. We aren’t sure of her age, but she’s gone gray in the muzzle. She lives with me and my parents, as well as Marshall the Cat-Dog. 108 more words

Great Danes

Beginning Our Written Story

Sharing our story with everyone we know and plus, is kinda scary but it is to be an encouragement to myself and others.

Our basic bio! 159 more words