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Love at First Sight

After an all night flight to France, we landed and had a beautiful breakfast in Paris. Yummy! 

As we were just finishing breakfast, a cart went by with a Dane like me pulling it. 315 more words


Bruno the Easter Dog

When I think of Easter I don’t think of bunnies and yellow baby chicks. I think of Bruno, a Great Dane I surprised Bob with early in our marriage. 540 more words

20 Months - Genghis Khan's Mama

I’ve begun to suspect it would be more appropriate to begin my blog posts like a Catholic Confession.

“Forgive me father, for I have sinned. It has been 68 days since my last opportunity to enjoy out-of-the-home daycare and I have begun fantasizing about releasing my toddler into the wild. 822 more words


The Great Wall of (Empty) China

After eating an entire pyramid in Egypt, I was pretty full during our flight to China.  After I ate it, the Food and Drug administration in America asked my permission to change our food… 219 more words


The Great Pyramids

After our freezing trek to Nepal, I was happy to be off to somewhere WARM.

We hopped back on my jet and headed for Egypt, because I wanted to see the great pyramids. 165 more words


A Vigorous Game of Bitey-Mouth.

Jet joined our household in spring. Dozer, however, was sort of a Christmas present. She was another rescue, this time a Bullmastiff with a champion pedigree who was living with her owner’s mother and being beaten up by a Malamute. 72 more words

Great Danes

Meeting Jet.

In December 2010, on the day of a final exam, I found out that my Great Dane Belle was going to be put down. Needless to say it was awful. 311 more words

Great Danes