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#Pumpkin Party-How To Feed Them Simply and Healthily

We great Danes , Stellar and Venus, can’t resist it. She’s in the smells room again. She puts thingys in the small and big boxes. When she takes them out they’re hot and they smell mmmmm! 89 more words

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Morning Does Not Become Us

A friend sent this video of a Great Dane puppy reluctant to rise up from the comfort of his owners’ bed. She said it made her think of us because, I assume, that has always been our dog breed of choice. 398 more words


A couple of pet friendly hikes in Wyoming

During our visit to Wyoming this summer we found a hike new to us and returned to an old favorite one.

The new site we explored is at the Split Rock rest area about 8 miles west of Muddy Gap on US287/US789.   126 more words

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Ways To Be #Happy

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love guests. They talk to us. They say things like “I know, away now,” and “Good girl, away now.” We want to rub our noses against them. 188 more words

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The other side of the lens

From selfies to snapshots, I love photography!  I have long admired those who have the eye and the ability to manipulate a camera to capture the perfect image at the right time!   115 more words

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Is this A Stomach #Ulcer?

They’re talking on that thing a lot. They sound sad. Now they’re happy. What’s going on? She’s making lots of things in the smelly room. She eats tiny bits. 164 more words

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Let's Be Grateful-#Positivity

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love food, running, smells, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Oh er yes, um, soft things in our mouths, being stroked.
What do they like? 56 more words

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