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Let's Be Grateful-Positivity

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love food, running, smells, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Oh er yes, um, soft things in our mouths, being stroked.
What do they like? 56 more words

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The Funniest Sexual Experience in All My Years

In my late thirties, with marriage behind me, I was out bar-hopping one evening in Thousand Oaks, California.

Sitting on a corner stool was the prettiest woman, and I just had to go over and talk to her. 143 more words

Holy Crap, A Great Dane Ate 43.5 Socks

We can all stop scratching our heads and wondering what dimension all those lost socks have disappeared to. Dogs are going around eating them in bulk, apparently, because the smell of your feet is just so irresistible (?). 216 more words

Dr. Behr Behr

Mom and I were walking along this morning when suddenly I realized we had passed several sections in the road that looked like this…

Oh no! 288 more words


My dog and Heaven's gate

If you haven’t spent much time around Things They Teach Me, you may not have been properly introduced to my dogs. My husband and I do not have children (yet) but we do have 4 furry ones thanks to my inability to leave an adorable face at the animal shelter for my less than a year of working there. 1,202 more words

Allergic to Morning

My mom is allergic to morning. At least, I think that’s what she told me. 

That’s a big problem right now because it’s way too hot for us to go for walkies any other time. 232 more words


Gekos And Ways To Prevent Mosquitos

We Great Danes see tiny ones. We want to catch them. It’s hard. They move on the walls and up there as well as down. They’re so fast. 97 more words

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