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A Bird's Eye View

Yay! I love going to the park and sneaking up on all of the birds! 

It’s kinda tricky though, because they always want to fly away when they see me coming.  135 more words


Meet The Monster

It’s late and dark outside. We Great Danes are lying in our day beds. Venus makes rrr sounds from her face. She says I do it but it’s her now. 312 more words

Home And Garden

The Day I Fell For Wakheena

It was my Mom’s birthday while we were on vacation in Oregon. To celebrate, she wanted to have a picnic and hike to a waterfall called Wakheena. 365 more words


Behr Behr the Guard Dog

Before I start telling you my story, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday, America!

Wow, you are 238 years old! Good thing you’re not a dog, ’cause then you’d be 1666 years old.  626 more words