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The Sequin Star by Belinda Murrell

After her grandmother falls ill, Claire finds a sequin star among her treasures. Why does Claire’s wealthy grandmother own    such a cheap piece? The mystery deepens when the brooch hurtles Claire back in time to 1932. 95 more words

New To The Library



While thinking about and writing my memoir, I have come to the realization it is to share our history with our families, to put down the words of our lives. 399 more words

Walt Trizna


There was absolutely nothing colorful happy about the 1930-The decade began with The Great Depression that began when the stock market dramatically fell on October 29th, 1929; The fun was definitely over…For the time being, anyway. 240 more words


Bring back the feeling

Of all the books on photography I have read, Marisa Silver’s Mary Coin, a novel, has influenced me the most. Let me give you a real world example of what I mean. 641 more words

Great Depression

Don’t Forget the Consumer!

Popular Economics Weekly

“It’s the Consumers, Stupid,” is an oft-repeated mantra being echoed currently by Internet advocates who want to keep Internet access free. But there’s a more important reason to worry about consumer health. 659 more words

Weekly Financial News

Monetarism and the Great Depression

Last Friday, Scott Sumner posted a diatribe against the IS-LM triggered by a set of slides by Chris Foote of Harvard and the Boston Fed explaining how the effects of monetary policy can be analyzed using the IS-LM framework. 1,332 more words


Day 156: Learn the Charleston

From Chicago to The Great Gatsby – the roaring 20′s have been a mesmerising and fascinating era for any millenial.

The sheer amount of economic and social change that shaped the way we function in so many ways. 231 more words