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BEL’OCCHIO    …   the beautiful eye


When I was very young Easter was as exciting as Christmas.  We always had something new to wear to church. 293 more words

Reflections Of The Beautiful Eye ( Bel' Occhio)

Dorothea Lange and the Migrant Mother

There are  several images that most of us would recognize immediately as works from the Great Depression.  Perhaps this one by Dorothea Lange tops the list: … 415 more words



“Stillness. Absolute, perfect, crystalline stillness. The long grass in the front yard stands perfectly upright. The windmill, which usually drones on incessantly day after day, is quiet. 517 more words

The Sittin' Up, by Shelia Moses

Summary:  When the patriarch of twelve-year-old Bean’s sharecropping community dies, Bean gets a lesson in not only what it means to lose someone you love, but also in how his family and friends care for their dead.


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Historical Fiction

Writing to Promote Change/Take Two

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                                                                     Writing to Promote Change 

     I wanted to entertain the idea of geographically following two characters throughout a story.  229 more words

Stillwater, Minnesota High School Junior English Students Want To Know

It couldn’t have been a better time and place. It was an exceptionally balmy April 11, 2014, and I was the guest in Stillwater High School teacher Peter Schield’s Junior English classes. 340 more words

Throwback Thursday: Color Photos Before Pearl Harbor

I wasn’t going to put up anything for Throwback Thursday because I’m still pretty tired from the constant drama in my life (my mother’s recent hospitalization, the brutal attack of my fellow church member by an intruder, the deaths of my one-time college housemate and an online friend, preparing for and taking part in the Greenbelt Mini-Maker Faire, and making sure that my annual income taxes got done and placed in the mail). 61 more words