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Baby Boomers Ruined The World For Millennials

The Millennial generation is my generation—we were born between the years 1982 and 2004; i.e., we’re the Baby Boomers’ own children; i.e., the people they themselves raised. 637 more words

Social Security: America's Longest Legislative War

The State of the Union Address is typically an annual demonstration of frictional political masturbation, in which the sitting Chief Executive uses up an entire bottle of presidential speech-writers’ lube in an attempt to assure the American public that the future is bright and that they aren’t getting royally screwed from every possible angle by a sweaty, panting, Viagra-popping combination of sociopathic plutocrats and re-election-obsessed government drones. 2,035 more words

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ANONYMOUSE ANNIE by David Arthur Walters

Many writers are possessed by the writing urge at a very young age. While some children, secure in their cocoons, fear flying, others, perhaps bored or appalled by present circumstance, spread their wings when imagination buds and seek refuge in the glories of thin air. 926 more words

ya sudah lah: eurozone LOM pulih ... 100111_240115

New York, Jan 23, 2015 (AFP)
The euro fell again against the dollar Friday, hitting a new 11-year low a day after the European Central Bank unveiled a… 6,123 more words

GREAT Depression

Boom Goes The Dynamite: The Crashing Price Of Oil Is Going To Rip The Global Economy To Shreds

f you were waiting for a “black swan event” to come along and devastate the global economy, you don’t have to wait any longer.  As I write this, the price of U.S. 270 more words

Great Depression

And Now, The Answer To Dream In Music's "WHO AM I?"

Back on Tuesday, I stumped you bloggers by making you try to guess who this mystery celeb mystic is, and in case you missed it, here it is again: 379 more words

Dream In Music