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Ruble meltdown

We are all well aware of the infamous stock market crash of 1929, also known as the great depression era. We are also very aware of the more recent stock market crash of 2008. 132 more words


Random Wednesday.

I have already had most random thoughts and ponderings already this morning.

My Granddaddy was a WWII veteran.  When I listen to the world news, especially as the world events and our society becomes more and more violent, I wonder what he would think. 94 more words

Christmas Memories

Back when I was a kid, Christmas wasn’t so much about the shopping. Black Friday was not a term that was used by anyone–maybe merchants, but certainly not the rest of us. 571 more words


Professor L.F. Giblin's view of the Australian trade policy during the interwar years

The Giblin collection reveals Professor L.F. Giblin’s practical view of the Australian economy, challenging set approaches to empire. Recognising Australia’s interests and unique economic circumstances, Professor Giblin argued for greater responsibility in dealing with unemployment and falling trade during the Great Depression. 131 more words

British Empire

The Door Between (1937)

Hot on the heels of Halfway House came The Door Between. Both titles denote transitions, and perhaps the cousins were signaling changes in Ellery Queen. 494 more words

Reading Ellery Queen