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Flash! Friday--Vol 2 - 46

Howdy, and welcome to the dragons’ lair!!! It’s a world of craziness and fun and brilliance, all smushed into a very fast, very short 24 hours. 444 more words

Flash Fiction

A Lack of Color

So last time we scratched the surface of the realm of color and how much meaning it can give to a work of art. But a great deal of art is produced with little to no color at all, such as sculpture, drawings, and prints among others. 377 more words

21 July 1932

The New York stock market crash in October 1929 marked the start of the Great Depression. Over the next three years, the global economy contracted at an alarming rate. 1,540 more words


Mae And Ben

Allow me to introduce to you a sweet couple I met this week:

This is Mae and her husband, Ben. I convinced them to take a few minutes out of their busy day to pose for me.   115 more words

Traveling Days

Pretty Boy Floyd

I stumbled across an historically questionable movie on the Web late this past summer featuring Pretty Boy Floyd. The movie, “Public Enemies” piqued my interest in unsavory characters. 824 more words

Cultural Highlights

ya sudah lah: eurozone LOM pulih ... 100111_221014

INILAH.COM, Chicago – Pertumbuhan dan aktivitas Bank Sentral Eropa selain mendorong kenaikan sejumlah saham di Wall Street, ternyata juga mendongkrak harga emas.

Emas berjangka di divisi COMEX New York Mercantile Exchange berakhir naik pada Selasa (22/10) atau Rabu pagi WIB, karena laporan menunjukkan bahwa Bank Sentral Eropa (ECB) akan membeli obligasi korporasi untuk mendukung pertumbuhan. 592 more words

GREAT Depression