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FDR vs. The Small Businessman's Revolution

FDR’s belief in experimentation scared business away.  FDR’s broad rules provided ambiguity of regulatory uncertainty through what Kiplinger’s “Why Businessmen Fear Washington” states as “a great state of indefiniteness and confusion ” (378) , the possibility of more laws struck down on them, and his mistake of mistaking macroeconomic problems with microeconomic problems through alphabet agencies such as the NRA all “frightened away capital, and they discouraged employers from hiring workers…businesses decided to wait Roosevelt out, hold on to their cash, and invest in future years” (Shlaes8).    435 more words

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This Day In History Welfare State Born: FDR Signs Social Security Act, August 14, 1935

August 14, 1935: FDR Signs Social Security Act into Law

On this day in 1935, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, which was originally designed to provide economic security during the… 139 more words

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Who is Donald Wilmoth, anyways?

My name is Donald Lee Wilmoth.  I had a very humble beginning, as I was born in a boxcar during the Great Depression in Ben Bolt Texas.  266 more words


Freak Shows and Patent Medicines During the Great Depression

by Crane-Station

Letty and Ray Owings, ages 89 and 91, share their memories of freak shows, patent medicine salesmen, and minstrel shows, during the mid-1930s, in rural Missouri. 854 more words

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A Crisis Less Extraordinary

It is often said that the financial crisis that was unleashed from July 2007 to March 2009 was a once in a century event. Some investors even take comfort in this notion with the belief that any future stock bear markets will almost certainly pale in comparison. 105 more words

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A Wonderful Song from the Depression Era

Every once in a while, I discover something that makes me think just a little differently about the world of history as I know it. A few months ago, my ukulele group was looking into Hawaiian songs for 2 engagements for Luau’s. 575 more words


Timeless Lessons

Marcella May Lange remembers when the American economy had sputtered and died. Gathering in the living room of her East Los Angeles home, she listened as her father, Thomas Mercier, adjusted the antennae on the homemade radio. 1,074 more words