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Boom Goes The Dynamite: The Crashing Price Of Oil Is Going To Rip The Global Economy To Shreds

f you were waiting for a “black swan event” to come along and devastate the global economy, you don’t have to wait any longer.  As I write this, the price of U.S. 270 more words

Great Depression

And Now, The Answer To Dream In Music's "WHO AM I?"

Back on Tuesday, I stumped you bloggers by making you try to guess who this mystery celeb mystic is, and in case you missed it, here it is again: 379 more words

Dream In Music


We pinned our patterns together in sewing. We moved to 57 Trowbridge this after. It’s awfully small and crowded and the stove’s not connected. They can’t fix it, either.


Grandma looked at a place on Herman, and we went there tonight, but it won’t do. Lily went to the library with me. My blouse came from Marion. Blue and white stripes.



Mrs. Hill wants $25 a month, so we’re going to move. I went to Lily’s after school and played parcheesi. I am traffic officer on the stairs. 6 more words

He Said That? 1/21/15

From David Stockman, “The Epochal Consequences Of Woodrow Wilson’s War,” at davidstockmanscontracorner.com:

In short, the Great Depression was a unique historical event owing to the vast financial deformations of the Great War——deformations which were drastically exaggerated by its prolongation from Wilson’s intervention and the massive credit expansion unleashed by the Fed and Bank of England during and after the war.

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Intervention from the State

This is what Milton Friedman says about fine tuning of the economy. Keynes developed a core theory of autonomous spending, investments by business enterprises, spending by individuals, and it might be deficit-spending by government. 61 more words