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Farm During the Great Depression

My parents had a family farm on 80 acres in Cushing, Wisconsin. I was born in 1922; a doctor and a midwife delivered me at the farmhouse. 722 more words

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Keiser Report 667 Interview with Antal Fekete

Second half of Episode 667 of the Keiser Report.  Max interviews Professor Antal Fekete about deflation, bonds, and how it is that the current European depression is worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s when Fekete was a child. 34 more words


John Dominis, "The Valley of Poverty" (1964)

American documentary photographer John Dominis, who recently passed away, is perhaps best known for his work with LIFE magazine. In his 1964 work titled “The Valley of Poverty”, Dominis brings attention to the fact that in the 1960s – a time when most of America had long recovered from the Great Depression of the 1920s, the people of the Appalachian region were still living through a great deal of poverty. 46 more words

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Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt goes down in history as one of the world’s classiest ladies, but she was also a thoughtful and compassionate humanitarian. She was impressive for being remarkable outspoken in a time when women supporting their husbands were meant to be demure and radiate perfection, and she both campaigned on her husband’s behalf and openly admitted when she disagreed with his policies. 315 more words

Women's Rights

He was a great man

Men achieve greatness many ways. Some seek it. Occasionally it falls on others. Still others become great simply by being who they are, by playing by the rules, and living good lives. 426 more words

[84/365] Invisible Shackles

My mum asks me few times a day (religiously, without missing any chance) “what’s wrong with you?”, I always make up an answer, and it’s always related to my illness. 226 more words