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Misty Great Falls - Part 2 (8 Images)

I posted Misty Great Falls two week ago when I shot some misty Great Falls scenes from the Maryland side of the Great Falls of the Potomac River. 36 more words


A Visit to Great Falls

One of the most popular hiking spots in Northern Va is Great Falls. There is usually a long line of cars going into the park and it requires some exercise of  patience while waiting to enter. 25 more words


Welcome to Great Falls - A Serial Novel - Part 2

October 17, 2014

Dennis was hungover but he dragged himself out of bed and walked into the bathroom for a shower. The countertop had the bare essentials of a young single guy living alone: tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, razor, shaving cream, etc. 1,573 more words


Five Favorites

 (I have titled this picture “Ears”… Sean and Quinn on a drive out to the country)

As we headed into mid-October, the weather turned cooler and there were some cozy rainy days and a few nice drives out to the country. 55 more words


Chapter 2 - Sin's Night Out

Chapter 2 – Sin’s Night Out

The alarm clock rings at 6:30 but I’ve been awake watching the morning light move along wall and thinking about changes to my graduation speech for a while now. 7,681 more words


Great [Falls] Realizations . . .

Recently I hiked through Great Falls Park in Northern Virginia. Intrinsically possessing no great love for nature or the outdoors, I often try to discover what people seem to find in time spent among the forests and rivers of the natural world. 763 more words

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