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Censor much? What to expect from the Great Firewall in 2015

I’ve been speaking to anti-censorship organisation Greafire.org about online freedoms in China and what we’re likely to see in 2015. It makes for pretty depressing reading. 354 more words

China's censors have some ideas about how to make the global internet more "fair"

China’s censorship of the internet is so effective that the vast majority of the country’s university students have little knowledge of the Tiananmen massacre that happened just 25 years ago. 339 more words

Assumptions About Chinese Culture Through the Lens of Dating Sites

I believe that lack of life experience is a serious thing here in China. It goes hand-in-hand with the average citizen’s acceptance of state-controlled media and persistence of fake “science” whose only goal is to make more money for government workers and their buddies. 266 more words


HSBC bank portal reportedly caught up in China's Great Firewall

The corporate banking portal of HSBC, the world’s second largest bank, has reportedly been blocked in China by the country’s “Great Firewall,” a monolithic censorship tool that’s designed to stop people in China seeing or accessing services with forbidden information. 300 more words

The Great Firewall's latest victims demonstrate its stubborn flaw

When internet users in China fire up TheAtlantic.com, check out product specifications on Sony Mobile, or add a Firefox plugin, well, too bad. The Chinese authorities have blocked those and thousands of other sites—and just as the People’s Republic  672 more words

China Blocks Content Delivery Network Edgecast, Cutting Access To 'Thousands' Of Websites

China’s internet censors have been busy of late, after it emerged that the country’s Great Firewall began restricting access to thousands of websites this past week — including Drupal.org, The Atlantic and Firefox browser extensions — as a result of the apparent blocking of a major content delivery platform. 428 more words


What if China held a world internet conference and the world didn't show up?

When China hosts the country’s very first “World Internet Conference” this week in the city of Wuzhen, speakers will include top executives from China’s internet giants like… 455 more words