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Have Faith In God Who Is Sending You

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Judges 6:14-15 (NCV)

14 The LORD turned to Gideon and said, “Go with your strength and save Israel from the Midianites.  I am the one who is sending you.” … 745 more words

Faith (Jun-July)

Jesus, the Great I AM

God said to Moses, “ I AM who I AM” Exo 3:14

When God gave me Jesus, He gave me everything that I’ll need. He is my good Shepherd, and I shall not lack any good thing.

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Greatness in YOU

You are at an intersection that only allows two directions in which you can travel.

These two paths are light and dark and every decision is a step in that journey every action is as monumental as death and life.

Jesus is way more than anything you could ever imagine~as you cling to Him know that your path was intimately built by the Great I Am!

May the Holy Spirit intimately reveal to you that Jesus is more than enough for you. The Great I Am has lovingly given you something that goes way beyond anything you could have ever thought to give yourself. 235 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Only God can develop, build and nourish your trust in Jesus...but you must freely choose to turn to Him!

Trust in Jesus! Those are three words that you always hear, see, or read, and although there is such glorious depth of meaning for those words when you are actively trusting in Jesus, they can also get to the point where they are sharp arrows painfully piercing your self-condemnation because you are reminded of what you are not doing, although you truly want to. 326 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Bigger Than I Think

God is bigger than I think…

At any given moment, I have a perception of God that I would like to believe is fundamentally shaped by His word and through the Holy Spirit.  850 more words