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Curse Words Never Sound as Bad In Italian

This week, I’ve been especially missing my mom because I’ve been reading all the letters she wrote to me over the years.  (Of course I kept them, they’re classics!) I miss her misspellings, her force feeding, her sense of humor, even the way she used to muscle me into coming home when I was a kid. 813 more words

Great Memories

Fixing Jesus

Jesus is in trouble. Ever since my father’s house sold last year, he’s been in limbo. I just found my mother’s treasured 8×10 of him in a corner of my bedroom buried under a pile of partnerless socks. 946 more words

Great Memories

There are amazing memory capacities dormant in all of us

Taking a quite comprehensive course in social sciences I am more than ever in need of some efficient memorizing techniques these days. And while reading and trying to remember the multitude of new terms, categories and subcategories within anthropology, psychology, sociology, etc. 506 more words


The Power of Pizza

My daughter just started college a few weeks ago. I hate to admit it, but it’s nice to be able to take a break from my indentured servitude with the PTA. 1,804 more words

Great Memories

My Mom, Bob Barker, and the Enduring Power of Dreams

(September 23rd will be the 32nd anniversary of my mom’s big debut on national television. After this story, which was originally called, “Da Holy Hour.” I have an accompanying YouTube video of my mom in action. 2,063 more words

Great Memories

Why My Obstetrician Meant So Much To Me

I just found out that the doctor who delivered my two children passed away this year and I’m unbelievably sad. I’ve been thinking  a lot about Dr. 976 more words

Great Memories

Let's Make Memories This Christmas

The Yon Ti Jès Project, which literally means a little gesture, was at first a personal project, and it rapidly turned into this big project  191 more words