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I run because...

A little over 3 years ago, I was an overweight 20 year old who had just finished the first year of her degree in photography. And now? 672 more words


One in a million

This September saw the 34th Great North Run take place in the North East of England.

This year over 57,000 people took part in the half marathon, but there was also another celebration going on. 158 more words

The Returnering

People of the world – we’re back! People of the world? Hello? Anyone? Bah, people of the moons of Jupiter, you’ll have to do instead. Yes, THE FITNESSING is back from the dead. 1,647 more words


Weekly Recap : Week 1/30 of my London Marathon training

This week has been full of so many highs,

Finding out two of my running buddies also received places in this years London Marathon, I have a group of friends from across the country that meet a couple of times a year to eat, drink and run, this year Lynsey, Lois & I were the VLM cheering squad for our friends Cazz, Jemma and Laura who were running, we almost covered a marathon walking across London that day as the queues for the tubes were crazy, even spectating we were tired but still we cheered every runner as they passed &  when we saw one of our girls, there were jumps, screams, hugs, tears, it all got a little crazy… 314 more words


There's no way you will do that!

It’s nearly my birthday (yaye) but as I was thinking about the usual birthday night at the Rugby (thanks Newcastle Falcons!) I had a though – it will be my 29th birthday – leaving one year till I turn 30! 387 more words

Lifestyle Management

The Fierce Five Challenges Completed

This is a video I put together which summarises the challenges, the charities I fundraised for and how much in total I raised.
It also importantly highlights the fact that I would never have been able to do any of this without the support of my amazing wife Angela – The nights and weekends of not having me there with our 2 year old whilst I was off training or competing – She has been an absolute rock! 2,822 more words

Fierce Five Challenges

My run for the National Autistic Society (NAS) in the Great Yorkshire Run 2014.

I’m on the start line, feel ok but whatever happens I’m running for the National Autistic Society today in the Great North Run. 6000 fellow runners, yes I’m nervous but I’m ready come on let’s go (never had any patience). 12 more words

Great Yorkshire Run