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Science Personality of the day: Achaarya Prafulla Chandra Ray

Name: Prafulla Chandra Ray

Date of Birth: Aug 2 1861

Nationality by birth: Indian

Field of Excellence: Chemistry

Expert in English, Greek, Bengali and Latin literature, P.C.Ray could not complete his schooling because of ill-health. 149 more words


Science Personality of the day- Friedrich Wohler

Name: Friedrich Wohler

Date of birth: 31 July 1800

Place of birth:  Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Field of excellence: Chemistry

Experimenting with different chemicals and reading books were two favorite pastimes of Wohler in his childhood. 90 more words

Great Personalities

Science Personality of the day: John Archibald Wheeler

Name: John Archibald Wheeler

Date of Birth: 9 July 1911

Place of birth: Florida, the USA

Field of excellence: Particle physics


Science Personality of the day- Lord Kelvin

Name: William Thomson (popularly known as Lord Kelvin)

Date of birth: 26 June 1824

Place of birth:  Belfast, Ireland,UK.

Field of excellence: Thermodynamics

Kelvin’s father is a mathematics teacher and an author of many books on maths. 138 more words

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