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Tips for training bipeds

These tips are written for puppies, but I think they can be adapted for general use by any quadrupeds wishing to train a biped. I’ve based them on my own experiences of the things that have worked for me. 527 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

Wyatt is looking for a foster home - TN

Say hello to Wyatt, a three year old male Great Pyrenees lab mix. Wyatt is obviously gorgeous and he is just as sweet as he is handsome. 137 more words

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue

My puppy is a thief!

I am answering a Frequently Barked Question: How do I stop my puppy from stealing things?

I have been told about puppies running away with items of clothing when their bipeds are getting dressed, puppies running off with the remote control when their bipeds want to watch television, puppies unpacking the children’s school bags and puppies taking and chewing shoes – to name but a few things these rascals are getting up to. 618 more words

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

The Dog Days of Summer

On Friday, some friends and I took our dogs on a day out to the local dog park and to other pet friendly places. We had a blast. 218 more words

The Recovery Of This Place

This morning, a breeze that promises rain confirmed by upturned leaves is shooing away the humidity like beauty itself.  From where I sit, I can see a hummingbird sitting on our clothesline, taking a gander at her land.   561 more words


Doggie Olympics - Agility Class

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The Top 10 Things I've Learned About Farming . . . So Far

Sometimes I want to downplay what we’re doing here on the farm as “lesser,” to diminish our dreams and hard work because we aren’t moving hundreds of free range animals to new pasture each day or because we aren’t planting crops and harvesting them with draft horses.  684 more words