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Tanzania - Northern Highland Forest Reserve

Hiking in the Northern Highland Forest Reserve followed by a refreshing lunch at Gibb’s Farm. The Christmas trees and ornaments and the ‘let it snow, let it snow’ tunes felt strangely out of place and did not seem to pair well with the open veranda doors offering a pleasant breeze and some welcome shade from the brightly shining sun and the clear blue skies (31° Celsius / 88° Fahrenheit). 174 more words

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Over the Edge: Landscapes or Seascapes?

Looking down on the small holder farms of Escarpment in Kenya’s Great Rift Valley


And on Shropshire farm fields from Wenlock Edge

It’s an interesting thought that in time the Great Rift Valley could become a seascape, for even now the earth’s crust is pulling apart along its 6,000 kilometre length.  109 more words


My Ethiopian Adventure: The Great Rift Valley and Awash National Park

My friend’s parents live in Nazret or Adama, depending on which Ethiopian language you speak.  Nazret is the Amharic name and Adama is Oromo.  After relaxing a couple of days there, we headed toward Awash National Park for a day trip.   1,053 more words

Tanzania - Lake Eyasi and Mumba Caves

Lake Eyasi, in the Great Rift Valley south of the neighbouring Serengeti Plateau, is a truly wild and remote location. This area is home to the Hadzabe, the last remaining and functioning hunter-gatherers, the last true nomads of Africa. 509 more words

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Tanzania - Lake Manyara National Park

November heralds the start of the short rainy season and shortly the unspoilt wilderness of Lake Manyara National Park with its lush and luxuriant groundwater forests laced with underground springs, acacia woodlands, grassy floodplains, muddy swamps, and creeks flowing down from the towering Great Escarpment of the Great Rift Valley will be teeming with wildlife once again. 352 more words

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2. Nakuru

This past Sunday I went to climb Mount Longonot with a group of friends. A little bit of history, this mountain’s name is derived from the Maasai word… 378 more words

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