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America's Dead Sea

Everyone said it couldn’t happen.  They still do.  But it can.

I decided one morning, while staying at my daughter’s place to care for her animals, to take a run on the beach.   867 more words


01. Orbis Tertius | 2. Et in Sussex ego | d. A line made by orbiting v.

v. Robert Smithson, on the shore of the Great Salt Lake:

From that gyrating space emerged the possibility of the Spiral Jetty. No ideas, no concepts, no systems, no structures, no abstractions could hold themselves together in the actuality of that evidence.¹

¹ Robert Smithson, The Spiral Jetty, 1972.

Camber Sands

Family Day at Spiral Jetty

KUED, Great Salt Lake Institute at Westminster College, Hawk Watch International, and UMFA members are invited to a day of science, art and exploration of… 515 more words

Drought exposes miles of lake bed at Great Salt Lake

SALT LAKE CITY — Water levels at the Great Salt Lake are lower than they’ve been in recent memory.

On a good year the water surrounds the causeway on both sides, but this year drivers see miles and miles of exposed lake bed. 174 more words


Late 19th / early 20th centuries Mormon amusement park / resort Saltair

Go here, and click through to the original post to see a large, full-size B&W pic, and see the link in my first comment to the Wiki.

Architecture Du Jour

Blowhard, Esq. writes:

Saltair Pavilion, Great Salt Lake, Utah, 1900. Source.

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See the link in my first comment at Blowhard's original posting for some historical info; interesting place! And make sure you see it full-size at Blowhard's post...

Game Encyclopedia - G

Game Encyclopedia – G

o– G ———————————————————– (000KG) –o

- (Galbadia) The name of the territory where Deling City is located. Galbadia
is a militaristic nation that is not afraid to invade other… 316 more words