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Guest Dos and Don'ts: Part Two

Here’s the next part of Guest Dos and Don’ts. Be sure to read Part One below, if you haven’t yet.

DO: Have fun at work! 691 more words


Working the Holidays--A Survival Guide

I have managed to survive both Spring Break and Easter at Walt Disney World. Never did I imagine the sheer numbers of people that visit us during these times of year. 717 more words


We are the friendly, fun, & caring Scottsdale bike shop!

It is never pleasant when you have a bad customer service experience, no matter where you are or what the situation is. A bad experience with customer service is of course terrible for the consumer but it affects the business that bad employee is working for more than you think. 231 more words

No Tipping, No Kidding

There’s nothing unusual about a restaurant banning credit cards, but the opposite is true at Brand 158: no cash. Even more unfamiliar is the concept of no tipping. 233 more words


On Staying Positive

What is Disney World most famous for?

The friendliness and helpfulness of its Cast Members.

This is by design–Walt Disney realized that good service brings people back faster than anything else–and is the reason why my work building (Cast Services in Downtown Disney) is plastered with motivational sayings and reminders to Cast Members. 997 more words


Day #1 Kansas City

“I’m having fun, not chicken.”  Anon

The above quote is not exactly anonymous, but my friend said that if I put her name to it she’s brain me.   359 more words



Regular attention to home maintenance preserves and increases home value.  The Motherlode will take care of deck cleaning & staining; fence installation & repair; gutter service & install; 22 more words

Great Service