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The Being That Is Human

By Mike Sanders

Tribesman! Take heed! Stand to attention! Listen to the words long written down and offered to us by the Great Spirit! He loves you and cares for you deeply; He does not want you to lose sight of the great path of righteousness. 459 more words

Seeking Truth


Soon after people were created on the earth, there was born a child named Lumabet, who lived to be a very, very old man. He could talk when he was but one day old,

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Lumawig on Earth

One day when Lumawig, the Great Spirit, looked down from his place in the sky he saw two sisters gathering beans. And he decided to go down to visit them.

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The Creation

In the beginning there were no people on the earth. Lumawig, the Great Spirit, came down from the sky and cut many reeds.He divided these into pairs which he placed

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Igorot Introduction

Three or four days’ journey to the south and east of the Tinguian live the Igorot; but so difficult are the trails over the mountains and through the swift rivers

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How the Tinguian Learned to Plant

In the very old times the Tinguian did not know how to plant and harvest as they now do. For food they had only the things that grew in the forests and fish from the streams.

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