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Friend of Wakinyan,
I pass the pipe to you first.
Circling I pass to you who dwell with the Father.
Circling pass to beginning day. 45 more words


Frost Flowers

That our Earth mother may wrap herself

In a fourfold robe of white meal;

That she may be covered with frost flowers;

That yonder on all the mossy mountains… 48 more words



“A heart that is open to love is one that will never be lonely, remember that love doesn’t always have to come from other human beings, but from any living thing around us.   36 more words


She Goes In #C4 #HipHopCorner

I know this song is a couple of months old and there are other just released tracks but it’s new to me and I just had to share this one. 92 more words



Provocative, what’s that, interesting, yeah, what do you mean, curves, image, ideas to fill the mind with, string them along, bit by bit, ease them in, in no time, in deep waters, addicted to image, focussed on the self, eventually you can convince them of anything, eating out of your hand, no, it’s not horse training, it’s human conditioning, it’s why we were warned, idol worship, there’s far more to it, amen, mind gamers mood changers, you’ve been caught, God Most High, noting every detail, every trick, don’t be alarmed, too late for that, do something about it, and those who comment, the outraged, check out the mirror, before you open your mouth…one day you might be wise, curves, no, jagged edges everywhere.


Awaken Your Senses; There's Wonders to Behold!

I have been remiss in not blogging for over a month! In my defense, I’ve been grappling with a turning point in my life – nothing tragic, just very challenging – and it opened my eyes and heart, making me rethink my priorities in a big way!! 559 more words



“There was a time when my ancestors walked this Earth, lived and breathed her glory, and appreciated her.  I remember how the birds would chirp so loudly to welcome the sunrise and now all I hear are cars, I remember the warm sun that used to caress my skin and now there are shadows from tall buildings blocking the light out, I remember the rivers, and streams flowing uninhibited and the mountains rising with all of their majesty, now there is only a sadness that lingers in the hearts and souls of all people,,, a profound sense of loss and sadness that only our ancestors could walk us through,,,where do we go from here?   77 more words