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The Sevenfold Blessing: A Funerary Rite

What kind of a priestess of the goddess Nebet-Het would I be if I didn’t blog about funerary things? With Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio–soon to be joined by a stellium of planets in that Plutonian sign–there’s no more appropriate time than the present to share one funerary ritual I’ve co-facilitated more than once. 1,295 more words


The Worlds of the Great Spirit

“Look around you my daughters and sons, at the insects, animals, plants and trees of the forests and fields; at the fishes and waters; at the birds and the air, and know that they do not need you to survive, rather it is you who need them!

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Why Was Jesus Crucified For Our Sins?

Question:     The Gospels that are currently in the Bible have Jesus being crucified for “our sins.” Why is that? Was Jesus actually crucified for the sins of us humans? 486 more words


Kensington Temple - More Than Enough

I have been listening to this song lately and I love it…so I here it is. Enjoy!



Our land is more valuable than your money. As long as the sun shines and the waters flow, this land will be here to give life to men and animals; therefore, we cannot sell this land. 25 more words

One (haiga)

mother nature
greets the Great Spirit

Diverse faiths
summon their G-d
echoes at sunrise

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Carpe Diem Time Glass #4 Sunrise

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