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ancient hymns of dafree whitewolfe - ii (this hart of harts)

this hart of harts

(to the Muses of muses and her shadows)

“I alone remain wilde and natural and free.”

-Lao Tzu

grasping the hand… 293 more words


ancient hymns of dafree whitewolfe - i (as she danses on silver waters)

as she danses on silver waters

sit and feel her hart beat heron wings


taste the silver water mirroring stardust


hear the beaver tail clap the hand of spirit… 57 more words


Guide the People

Grandfather, the flowering stick you gave me and the nation’s sacred hoop

I have given to the people. Hear me, you who have the power to make grow! 39 more words


An Expression of Gratitude

The Onondaga (Iroquois) lords shall open each council by greeting their cousin lords,

and expressing their gratitude to them. And they shall offer thanks to the earth… 120 more words