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Mind Over Matter


Dear Cherished Soul Companions,

When I mentioned to my daughter that I was going to be writing something about Mind Over Matter, she said that as she goes from her front door to her car she asks the Parking Angel three times, saying thank you each time, to reserve the perfect parking space for her at her destination – and the Parking Angel has never let her down. 1,028 more words

One Day with a Great Teacher

I came across a quote today: “Better than a thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher.” A Tweep (@UXHow) said this is a Japanese proverb and I’ll take his word for it. 200 more words


What Makes a Teacher Great?

I came across this link from NPR (National Public Radio) about what makes teachers great when I was searching for something else. It’s a lively debate with some good resources at the end. 13 more words

Adult Education

4 Instructional Habits of Great Teachers

Think of a teacher you regard as a great teacher. I’m thinking of Jennifer Sonkin, teacher in Washington, DC.

Chances are the teacher you are thinking of regularly hits most of these: 126 more words

Stage 2: Joyful And Efficient

Buddha Wisdom

Buddha says: “By effort you will cross the raging flood, by energy you will pass by sorrow.”

Quotes & Wisdom

How to Spot a Great Teacher

Truly bad teaching is a really easy thing to spot because kids or whomever is being taught don’t learn and oftentimes feel a disconnect with their peers, with what they are learning and with their education.  763 more words


Our Greatest Teachers

Sometimes our greatest teachers are professors or people with doctorates and masters’ degrees. But more often than not, they’re the person right next to you. 165 more words

Who We Are