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Great White Shark Cage Diving

After arriving in South Africa less than 24 hours earlier, I was convinced to go great white shark cage diving with my new hostel friends.  Pickup was at 3:30am, which is never an ideal time, especially after traveling for 35 hours from home on very little sleep, but I figured I’d be awake early anyway, due to the ten hour time difference.  189 more words


A Hundred Black Coffins

A hundred black coffins, arrayed in a line, slid across the hill, under rain, through mud. A man in a skeleton costume chased behind. The burial would be ruined if something happened to the bodies, so he ran (though it was hopeless) and reached the closest coffin, caught the edge, and flipped it, so it stopped sliding and started rolling, and after the coffin hit a bump and flipped the body inside fell out and slid behind. 148 more words


Cheer Sport Sharks - Great White Sharks - International Open All Girl Level 5

Canadian Cheer Evolution Cheer for the Cure 2014 (Day 1)
2014-2015 Season

Neighborhood Sharks by Katherine Roy

Neighborhood Sharks:
Hunting with the Great Whites of
California’s Farallion Islands 
by Katherine Roy
David Macauley Studio/Roaring Brook Press

True confessions – although I’ve written about sharks and I’m reviewing this book, I am not a shark fan.   304 more words

Andre Hartman - "The man" you want to shark dive with!

Andre Hartman is a spear fisherman who had a career out of diving with sharks. He has been out of the water because of a stroke he had that left his right side paralyzed, but he isn’t giving up diving with his shark diving career. 107 more words

No Damage

I can’t stop smiling today because I have finally finished and released my book No Damage. I have been writing my story since early 2012 and simply cannot believe little old me has written a book! 537 more words

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