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Cockney rhyming slang
How do you feel about me
Not a Scooby-doo



Azul Recap

Last night was great! Guys and girls dancing, drinks being poured, and music playlist getting people wildin’!

DC COLLECTIVE and everyone else that was part of the event had fun, and can barely even remember who it is that is contacting them today. 19 more words

Hot Tubs and Meditation, a Great Combination

Meditation will allow people relax by means of de-stressing breathing exercise routines. It’s additionally an ideal way to calm your thoughts through a technique called mindfulness, enabling you to discover the source of your individual emotions. 130 more words

On Anxious Love:

The scary part about anxiety, about depression, or really any type of mental illness is really very simple:

The fear that you are not worth great love, because of it. 276 more words


Sleepy time.

Tires, and it´s time for some sleep.
Have had a wonderful work day, and will work tomorrow as well.
Got home at 10.45 pm, and had a cozy time with hubs. 33 more words

Pretty Regular Stuff

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