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Day 277


A cool thing happened yesterday morning while standing in the shower, trying to wake up from the restless sleep (not my fault, not incited by drinking too much, but by my “cats away, mice will place” Quebecois roommate… fucking sales people).   283 more words

Greatist's 30-Day Self-Care Challenge!

Following on from yesterday’s post about self-love, here’s a challenge from one of my favorite “everything” sites, Greatist, called the 30-Day Self-Care Challenge! 178 more words


A Guide to Perfect Pull-ups

As stated in one of my earlier blogs, a goal of mine is to be able to do pull ups. I think they show great strength and I love how they involve the core, back, arms, shoulders. 83 more words


Day 265


I took some time today to explain my reasons for veganism to my grandparents.  It often confuses them as not eating enough (which I see their side, given that I tried to go to sleep last night, only to realize – through… 468 more words

Get Off Your Tush

From cubicles to couches, offices to airplanes, we are spending a lot of time sitting around. Intuitively, we might think that sitting around all day is fine as long as we get some kind of workout in during the day. 301 more words


Join Greatist's 30-Day Self-Care Challenge

I saw this 30 day self care challenge on Greatist. We often neglect treating ourselves due to our busy schedule. Love the idea of taking care of yourself for the next 30 days. 9 more words