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Usability of Greatist

This week, I decided to take a closer look at Greatist, an online health and fitness site, I have stumbled upon a few times. Greatist is an online site about how to live a healthy lifestyle. 468 more words

Day 299



If they can’t agree on something as simple as COFFEE…

One says butter

One says black

One says sugar

One says honey

One says coconut… 214 more words

Top 3 Websites for Bodyweight Workouts

Stuck at home, can’t make it to the gym, but desperate for a good workout?

(Or maybe you had too many cupcakes and aren’t exactly dying for a workout, but know you need one…been there!) 167 more words

Bodyweight Workouts

Greatist.com's September Pushup Challenge

Greatist.com is an awesome fitness & health site that I’ve been following. They offer super helpful workout plans and healthy food ideas. This month they posted their… 538 more words

Fit Mom

Day 283


Choosing Raw and Greatist do a “Links of the Week,” so I figured, what the hell… let’s co-opt the idea!

1. The ever-intelligent and inspirational Neghar Fonooni turned me on to this little ditty: “Byron Katie, author of Loving What Is says about thoughts: ‘A thought is harmless unless we believe it.   341 more words

Day 277


A cool thing happened yesterday morning while standing in the shower, trying to wake up from the restless sleep (not my fault, not incited by drinking too much, but by my “cats away, mice will place” Quebecois roommate… fucking sales people).   283 more words