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Ryder Cup: Gleneagles, Scotland

Golf is the greatest game on the planet.  365 days a year I am playing, practicing, watching, studying or daydreaming about golf.  Not a major championship has gone by where I haven’t seen each stroke played in the last 8 years.  552 more words



Greats are the first footwear company to be born in Brooklyn and they make some great sneakers. Using high end leather and putting in some nice design features. 36 more words

Forget the Uber Clones: Soon Enough, There Will Be a Bonobos-of-Everything

Every time we turn our heads, there’s a new Uber or Airbnb clone. There’s the Uber for helicopters, chefs and planes, as well as Airbnb-style apps for dogs, boats, cars, clothes and private jets. 406 more words


Retiring Jersey's

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and take a look at the Xavier greats that have their jerseys retired!

Byron Larkin’s #23, Class of ’88… 398 more words

Dog Days: Playing and Working, Like We Do!

I had great plans to update you all very frequently this summer, because I frequently did some really cool things! Alas, in between all of the things, there was work. 447 more words


How football history can be changed in just a few seconds!!!

We all know how great the game we love is, how much passion, emotion, celebration and distraught us fans go through watching our teams. We all know how unpredictable 90 minutes of football can be but how about when we think the games all over with and then boom there’s a corner in the last minute for your team, all of the fans stood up, blood flowing through us, goosebumps all over, we see the goalkeeper coming up to join in the attack… …. 865 more words