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Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

In it’s 2500 year old history, the stones and ruins of the Acropolis have endured sacking by the Persians, a Venetian invasion, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, countless earthquakes, the Black Death, 2 World Wars, the Industrial Revolution, urbanization, the 2008 collapse of the global economy, and much, much more. 110 more words


The Greco-Persian Wars (Introduction to Western Civilization 3.4)

After the end of the Greek Dark Age in about 800 BC, the city-states of Greece began to flourish. The epic of poems of Homer, the… 671 more words

War And Peace

A Demonstration Of Nature's Beauty...

I love skyscapes and whilst night flights and cloud don’t offer stunning views of the ground, they can still be beautiful. On our 2012 flight home from Greece to Charleroi in Belgium we encounter an amazing demonstration of nature’s beauty in an ever changing vista out of the plane window. 65 more words


Do Be Do Be Do

I bought one of my very favorite t-shirts in Athens, Greece.  It reads:

“To be is to do – Socrates

To do is to be – Sartre… 495 more words

The Justice Department Claims This Defamation Case Will Reveal State Secrets—But Won't Say How | Mother Jones

In an unprecedented move, Attorney General Eric Holder has intervened in a defamation lawsuit, seeking to have the case thrown out on the grounds that it will reveal state secrets—without publicly explaining how it would do so. 131 more words

News Reader

Quod tres maiores capere extructiones Romani a Graecis? (What three major structures did the Romans adopt from the Greeks?)

What did the culture of ancient Greece do to influence the culture of Rome? These two cultures are very similar in belief and in practice, but they were very different as well. 634 more words