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Behold the much-raved, 24/7 Greek restaurant of Melbourne. Located on the Corner of Lonsdale St and Russel St this corner shop has always been the talk of town, attracting quite an impressive queue of hungry office peeps during lunch and dinner hours. 350 more words


Greek yogurt "Yiaourti"

Item: Greek yogurt “Yiaourti”
Date: July 13, 2014
Location: Ouzeri, Toronto, Canada

At a Greek dinner during Summerlicious, the dessert of choice was “Yiaourti – pressed Greek yogurt topped with nuts and honey poached figs”. 30 more words


Post-Socratics to Antiquity

The period of antiquities after Aristotle to the middle ages was marked by a retreat from the material world in an age of increasing uncertainty. The decline of the Greek state following invasions by the Romans and the eventual collapse of the Western Roman empire had led to several schools of thought that signaled a beacon for withdrawal rather than for growth. 433 more words




The Egyptian-Orphic concerns with the afterlife and Pythagoras’s mysticism led to a curious “wheel-of-fate” image representing reincarnation, a telos of the soul towards “the one”, and a commitment to a particular ascetic way of life.  310 more words




Fertility cults have always existed in agricultural cultures but the cult of Bacchus (later Orphism) had a little extra help in their celebrations; these guys symbolized intoxication into a literal experience of a divine union with the god of revelries (left). 256 more words


Famous Greeks: Part XVIII

The fall semester is just about to start, so we thought we’d give you an extra reason to be excited: Something Greek‘s latest round up of celebrities in fraternities and sororities! 201 more words


Greek VI

Hi everyone…happy August! Here is the final video of the Greek series, the one with the review of the sample words. I’m sorry this was not posted earlier, and thanks again to Sreeniketh for very kindly letting me know. 47 more words