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Crossroad ... Journey South

I made my way further south to the

coast where I settled into a

community of

Greeks …


a small island of Greek

culture apart from the surrounding… 170 more words


Η μικρή μας εκδρομή (Our little trip)!

Last week, Liz Turner arrived from the UK for her second stay with us in Crete. Liz is my ‘favourite’ relative (in joke) so we knew we were in for a good time with lots of family stories and laughter – and so it proved! 1,096 more words


Talking "Greek Night" with the Boston University Philhellenes

WTBU reporter Erika Banoun sits down with Boston University Philhellenes President Staci Kourtis and BU Professors Kelly Polychroniou and Loren J. Samons to discuss the club’s upcoming event “Greek Night.”


Pomegranates, Poo and Patriotic Fervour

After my success at dealing with the second large pumpkin of the season, it was with some alarm that we received the latest gift from our very kind neighbours – a bag full of pomegranates and a large watermelon! 982 more words


Mythology About Ancient Greek Gods

The Greeks Gods Mythology believed in many gods: they were polytheistic (PA-lee-thee-ISS-tick). It is impossible to say how many Ancient Greek gods there were, because different Greeks Gods worshipped different gods. 322 more words

Greek Culture

Civilisation and Culture - Incompatible Bedfellows?

This is a talk I gave at the World Philosophical Forum in Athens on 1 October, 2014

The road to world civilisation and global citizenship seems to get bumpier with every passing year. 1,923 more words

What do the Elgin Marbles, genes, donkeys and traffic accidents have in common?


After entertaining a number of visitors during early and mid-September, we were tourists ourselves recently when we joined Sheila’s Canadian second cousin, Norm and his wife, Loni in Athens for a long weekend of sightseeing, museums and just taking in the atmosphere. 1,360 more words