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Greece Changes Government: Promise of more socialist policies

Capitalism is a cancer most socialist will tell you. It is nothing but a license for huge corporations and banks to enslave the people and leave them in debt. 499 more words

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A problem made in the HELLENIC Republic

So the topic of GREECE and what happens to Europe going forward has once again taken the centre stage, and I do wonder, when  people talk about  GREECE or other EURO area countries return to a pre-crisis period as if that was the permanent normal, and somehow the European policy makers should find a way restore it, do in fact understand the reality and the underlying causes of their current predicament? 636 more words

A few naive Economics on Greece's economic challenge that lies ahead.

January 26, 2015

Let us assume that come daylight, all creditors of Greece’s public sector officially declare either that they completely write-off the country’s public debt, or at least that for the next ten years they freeze all principal payments and also, they freeze any interest accrual. 952 more words

Fermi Problem

Greece needs debts cancelled and growth - signed by economists

Η Ελλάδα χρειάζεται διαγραφή χρέους και ανάπτυξη. Υπογράφουν 35 οικονομολόγοι.

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Pensioners taking part in a protest against austerity outside the Greek financial ministry in Athens in December.
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Bankruptcy or austerity for Greeks?

After three attempts of the Greek parliament to select the country’s new president , the prime minister, Antonis Samaras, announced that the country is heading to early elections. 362 more words


Μόνον η παραγωγική επανάσταση μας σώζει…

Τα θεμελιώδη της ελληνικής οικονομίας, ακόμη και μετά τις αναγκαίες προσαρμογές της περιόδου 2010-2014, υποδηλώνουν την αναπόφευκτη και συνεχιζόμενη οδύσσεια κοινωνίας και οικονομίας τα επόμενα χρόνια. 11 more words


2015 - And Europe's Eurozone Woes Head The Agenda

What can we expect in 2015? A stronger dollar, as the US economy continues to expand – albeit on ever more borrowed money and an over-hyped stock market? 1,239 more words

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