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Some thoughts following my trip to see the Greek elections

This weekend, I joined a group of around 20 British activists in going to Greece to witness the historic election of Syriza. This is a report back with some thoughts of the situation based on what I could see. 1,857 more words


WTF is going on in Greece

People generally associate Greece with two things: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and crippling economic debt.
Which is more than a little annoying because they fail to take into account Greece’s numerous other accomplishments. 188 more words



“As he climbed on an elevated stage in central Athens to give his victory speech on Sunday night, Alexis Tsipras looked more like a rock star than Greece’s newly-elected prime minister.” 919 more words

Left Unity-Leicestershire stands with SYRIZA (Greece)

Left Unity-Leicestershire stands with SYRIZA (Greece)

LEFT UNITY — a new socialist-left party, formally launched in November 2013 — following a public appeal from film director Ken Loach, stands in solidarity with SYRIZA and their aims. 162 more words

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Reblogging this in response to the recent Greek elections.  Syriza in Greece now holds the balance of power and is an equivalent party in Greece to Left Unity in Britain.

Voting for hope in Greece and Spain

Now that the people of Greece have rejected austerity and voted for a party that wants to renegotiate the country’s debt, Podemos (We Can) – Spain’s anti-austerity party founded last year in the wake of the mass “Indignados” or 15-M movement against inequality and corruption – has been bolstered in its belief that the general election here will go the same way. 481 more words


Isn’t it cold in the sunshine paradise that is Mallorca? Do you remember your first winter on the island? Were you as amazed as I was at how horribly cold it gets here? 568 more words


Gold and silver in a different world today

Julian Phillips’ latest commentary on the gold and silver markets and geopolitical events in Europe.

The events in Greece are still being digested as the new party now has sufficient a majority to carry out its new role.   422 more words

Silver Market