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Independent Greeks: Who are Syriza's right-wing coalition partners and what do they want?

Socialist party Syriza might have won a surprising victory in Greece’s elections but it will only be able to govern with the help of the Independent Greeks, an unlikely coalition partner described by some as the country’s equivalent of Ukip. 110 more words


New Greek Government Objects to EU Sanctions Against Russia


On Wednesday, Greek First Deputy Foreign Minister for European Affairs Nikos Chountis said in an interview with Athens News Agency (ANA) that the newly installed Greek government disagreed with EU sanctions against Russia, which affects not only the Greek economy, but other countries too. 262 more words


Commentary on Greek election 2015: SYRIZA wins and forms a government coalition with the fascist, populist party "Independent Greeks"

As expected, SYRIZA won the election last Sunday with over 36 percent of the vote, but not with a total majority in the parliament. A few hours after the final result Alexis Tsipras announced that his party came to an agreement with “Independent Greeks”, an extremely populist, semi-fascist party, often known for its conservative patriotic, homophobic and antisemitic views. 279 more words


This is how we pay our debts

Have a look at this article from the Jubilee Debt campaign.

In simple terms, banks and others lent money to the Greek government.  They should perhaps have known better but they took the risk. 121 more words


The next day for Greece

Today, Greece’s new government was officially formed after the Greek president Karolos Papoulias handed a mandate to Alexis Tsipras, leader of Syriza and winner of the elections. 1,149 more words


Tsipras Wins, what can Jews in Greece and abroad expect?

article by Abravanel

The results of the greek elections are in and it appears that the left party of Syriza has won. The following wants to serve as article which tries to reconcile  how the new government is both better and worse than the previous conservative government of Samaras… 1,559 more words


Syriza causing 11-year-old euro currency depth

The euro experienced an 11 years of record low against the dollar on Monday came as a consequence of the Radical Left Coalition (Syriza) won the elections in Greece.  684 more words