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International creditors against greek budget 2015

Greek budget for 2015, recentely approved by the government of Athens, has not been accepted by the international creditors. Thanks to 155 positive votes, the Greek parliament approved a draft budget for 2015, presented without the international donors approval. 121 more words


Athanasiou: “God himself could not receive an educational leave”

After the courts rejected the application for educational leave by Nikos Romanos, the Minister of Justice Charalambos Athanasiou announced that an amendment would be introduced in order to address the “legal vacuum” that would allow prison inmates to study via distance learning. 189 more words


Courts reject Romanos’ application for educational leave

The courts have rejected the application filed by Nikos Romanos for an educational leave, upholding the prosecutor’s proposal on the matter.

Convicted anarchist Nikos Romanos had requested an educational leave after successfully passing entry exams for a technical university course earlier in the year. 297 more words


video: "Athens: Aerial view of the massive solidarity protest to anarchist Nikos Romanos"

2 December 2014 ~ Aerial view of the massive solidarity protest to anarchist Nikos Romanos that is on hunger strike since 10 November, where. 8.000 -10.000 people marched in the streets of Athens, Greece. 199 more words


Government to Syrian refugees at Syntagma Square: ‘Remaining here will get you nowhere’

In a questionable bid to persuade the Syrian war refugees camped in Syntagma Square opposite parliament demanding documents so they can travel to other EU countries, the interior ministry distributed a leaflet last week, urging them to give up their peaceful protest and apply for asylum as their only legal option. 309 more words


HIV woman wrongfully accused of illegal prostitution takes her own life

Katerina was among 12 women with HIV, whose names and photos were published in 2012 by police after they were arrested and charged with illegal prostitution and for allegedly intentionally infecting ‘clients’

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Return of Troika to Athens to Consummate Negotiations with Greek Government a Compulsion

By Con George-Kotzabasis November 19, 2014

The Greek Opposition and the media in general by demonizing The Memorandum with its austere measures that has been imposed upon Greece by the Troika, i.e., the European Commission, the ECB, and the IMF, as a condition for the flow of funds from the latter to the Greek Treasury for the purpose of saving the country from insolvency and gradually placing it on a trajectory of economic recovery, has made it impossible for anyone to reasonably argue, or even to imply, that this necessary austerity, after a mindless profligate spending by previous governments that sunk Greece into an unfathomable debt and debarred it from the financial markets and threw it into an unprecedented spin of economic crisis since the ending of World War II, would generate beneficent results and would pull the country eventually out of its economic crisis. 464 more words