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Santorini, Greek Islands - Part II

About half an hour before the recommended time, we went to grab a spot and wait for nature to put on a show. Since it was late September, we figured it wouldn’t be too busy and that we’d have our pick of the front row. 1,771 more words


Make Reservations Today: Mykonos beckons

Dollar Strong, Island of Mykonos Awaits

     The brisk breezes that move the windmills will soon usher the savvy visitors to the most famous of the Aegean sea’s Greek island of Mykonos.  466 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge: Express Yourself

“The sea’s curious workmanship: bottle green glass sucked smooth and porous by the waves: wood stripped and cleaned and bark swollen with salt…gnawed and rubbed: amber: bone: the sea”     109 more words


Our Lives vs Our Social Media

Hey Glossies,

So, after having a bit of a think about travel the other day, it spurred me to consider WHY our generation has developed such a romantic ideal of travel. 341 more words



Another sweet ginger tabby in the ‘Yoda Goes to the Greek Islands’ series – this one is in Delos. This is Yodana though as it is definitely a young lass! 57 more words

The Cats of Greece

Beware, cat photos overload!

Many years ago, when I first visited one of many Greek islands (now I sound like I am 4748 years old), I was surprised with the number of cats hanging there. 616 more words


Pack Your Sandals...


So let me paint you a picture, it’s the beginning of December and instead of freezing your you know what off in the frigid North you’re sitting at the edge of a tropical lagoon in the Greek Islands…oh and it’s 80 degrees outside. 359 more words