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Τι σημαίνουν τα ονόματα δεκάδων ελληνικών νησιών;

Ο κ. Γιώργος Λεκάκης, συγγραφέας του βιβλίου «Αιγαίο-ετυμολογίες νήσων» τόνισε ότι «… κατά την αρχαιότητα υπήρχαν περίοδοι μεγάλων γεωλογικών αναταράξεων. Έτσι οι ονομασίες των νησιών εξυπηρετούσαν και την ανάγκη καταγραφής των αναταράξεων αυτών. 9 more words

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Island-hopping in Greece!

I didn’t get to hop to Santorini and Mykonos, like I’d wished in my summer wish-list but I visited the beautiful islands of Poros, Hydra and Aegina. 694 more words


Island Time

It was quite a relief to board our ferry to Greece – for two reasons. The first being that only a few hours before we were supposed to board, we checked our confirmation email and realised that I had booked the wrong ferry… one that had left a month prior to when we planned to. 1,307 more words


I'm in Ios baby

As soon as we stepped off the bus at Far Out Beach Club we were taken to what can only be described as the set of the TV series ‘M.A.S.H’. 554 more words

Santorini , the island of my dreams.

I had been wanting to visit Santorini for years .It was my ultimate wanderlust destination and I would say the main purpose of going to Greece  was visiting this island. 660 more words


Mykonos: Tan, Swim, Drink, repeat

Greek Island Hopping

The first stop in Greece was Athens. After a day of sightseeing, which honestly disappointed me, I embarked on a ferry to Mykonos. 328 more words


Whirlwind Europe Adventures - Part 1

The last six weeks have been the most hectic travel I’ve ever done, visiting 10 countries, often staying only 2 nights in each place. I’ve had an absolute blast and seen some incredible places but have learnt that in the future I’ll be travelling at a slower, more relaxed pace. 846 more words