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8 Signs that You Are the Ultimate Frat Rat

The second my boyfriend got a bid to his fraternity, he became my key into the Greek system.  My friends rightly predicted that I would become a total “Frat Rat” at his fraternity’s house.   618 more words

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A Note On Rush

So, as mentioned before, part of this blog is dedicated to telling an honest story of a rush experience without all the glitz and glam. As promised, this is an opinion of rush from the other side as someone without letters and a whole house of new sisters. 430 more words

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Clothes and Accessories that Make Me (and You) Want to Be in a Sorority

From what I’ve gathered, the first thing that happens when you join a sorority is that you get lots of new clothes with your letters on them, and then you wear them ALL OF THE TIME.   429 more words

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Getting a position and what it means

Each organization goes about selecting new officers in a variety of different ways. Some girls campaign for a position and others are slated into the office by the house. 480 more words

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6 ways to impress after the party

Every girl knows that getting ready before going out is one of the most important times in her day.

Deciding which outfit to wear, what color eye shadow would be in vogue for the night you’re about to have and which pumps or boots would be best is crucial.  561 more words

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