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Boring classics teachers


All hail, seven pupils of Aristides the rhetorician, four walls and three benches.

Select Epigrams from the Greek Anthology 10 XXX111 J.W.MACKAIL

Nowadays the accolade for the most boring teachers seems to go to geography teachers. 375 more words

Ancient Greek

And all the ways grew dark

Hom. Od. 2.388

δύσετό τ᾽ ἠέλιος σκιόωντό τε πᾶσαι ἀγυιαί
Now the sun set and all the ways grew dark

Many years ago – 1971 to be precise – I spent a month in Greece wandering around the Peloponese and a further up as far as Delphi. 311 more words

Ancient Greek

Το τελευταίο αντίο (απόσπασμα 2)

Ήρθες και ξάπλωσες στα πόδια μου το τελευταίο εκείνο μεσημέρι, ήσυχα, αδιαμαρτύρητα, τρυφερά. Μου είπες χωρίς φωνη το τελευταίο αντίο. Μ’αποχαιρέτησες, με το σώμα σου. Μόνο που εγώ δεν το κατάλαβα τότε.

✿ Διήγημα Short Story

Norman Austin, Sophocles' Philoctetes and the Great Soul Robbery

Harold Bloom, Sigmund Freud, and Hans-Georg Gadamer, Aeschylus and Euripides here. I was reading this part of a review by Susan A. Curry, University of New Hampshire, on a Blogspot page which is included in the lists… 24 more words


"you'll be the law Rosa"

No said Rosa you don’t know the Greeks. They’re only human after all. In other words they are beasts. Germans Russians Poles Jews Christians all of them beasts. 160 more words


When knowing Greek literature saves you

I recently read Plutarch’s Life of Nicias, Athenian general during the Peloponnesian War, and at the end of it come a few fascinating lines that show how knowing Greek literature, and knowing it by heart, may turn out to be a savior, so long as you happen to be at the mercy of others who also value it! 214 more words