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Constellations and their history

In the world there are not one history for constellations, their names and their shapes. Each ancient culture had their: Chinese, Greek, Mayan, Babylonian and etc. 224 more words


April 14

People in the Rain Forest (S. Pirotta, Steck-Vaughn Co., 1999).  Finished the book; my 7 hooked up with a penpal from Madagascar today and was pleased to have just seen this book. 148 more words



Where is the mark my eye spies

As I search for my target

Archer and arrow taut and ready

Moving between the blurred boundaries

Of a dark night and moist dawn… 49 more words


Mood Swings and Greek Myths

Your moods are as changeable
As the eye of the Graeae,
Who, like grotesque harpies,
Snatch at every crumb they can.
I, the agitator, the instigator, 156 more words


Hercu-Liz Project: HERCU-LIZ


The whole concept to how this project was born, constructed and based around my character who is the female version of half-god hero Hercules. 279 more words


Hercu-Liz Project: The Lernaean Hydra

Another one of my all time favourite mythical creatures is the hydra, an almost immortal huge snake with many heads.  Some portray hydras with two or three heads, where as the Lernaean Hydra that Hercules fought had seven.   279 more words


Hercu-Liz Project: Stymphalian Bird

As I mentioned before on the part one of the Medusa project post, I am not fond of drawing feathered wings of birds as I just find them tedious to do. 237 more words