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The Cult of the Goddess Leto

Leto is the daughter of the Titans Coeus and Phoebe. Her name is probably some variant of unseen or hidden. She is often depicted wearing a veil implying matronly modesty as one of her main attributes. 435 more words

Greek History

An Overview of Ancient Greek Goddesses

As with all polytheistic peoples the ancient Greeks worshipped a wide variety of gods and goddesses. Each of these multiple gods and goddesses generally had their specific areas of responsibilities.  415 more words

Greek History

The waves tell a story.
While sol plays his final drum.
Heading back under the cover of the ocean.
Where Poseidon rests his staff and hums along.


Greek Myths

I can only express myself in the way that I know.
And I am only as strong as this mortal body will allow.
I perhaps too often think of a time before The Split Apart. 27 more words


Brad Pitt Has Ruined Ancient Greece For Me

I love doing those free courses on edX. I’ve just started one run by Harvard on Ancient Greek heroes.

One of the high schools I went to offered a classical studies course, and it was the best class ever. 154 more words

MEDUSA unapologetically (V short story)

I know what you know.
What you all think you know
My story, the things you think you know?
Has become a parody.

I was wronged, I was abused. 118 more words


Résumé, circa 800 BC

Vulcan, master of fire, celestial artist, lame and outcast – that’s your résumé, all of it?”

“It is.”

“It’s… fairly niche.”

“I suppose.”

“And why exactly are you seeking a new role?” 138 more words

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