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Detour - France: The Island Gets Frenched...

Usually, a substitute means an inferior product. At least its perceived to be. When the kids tell you they had a substitute teacher, don’t you already know they didn’t really learn anything that day?! 815 more words

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Space Jam: Greek Week 2014

Congratulations to all of our amazing women who participated in Greek Week.  You make us so proud to be a member of the Chi Chapter.  From great athletes to amazing actresses, the talent that was shown this year was phenomenal.   61 more words

Greek Week

Is there a Map to this Island?

Its funny.  Didn’t you assume water references to both of those words? Map? island?

You pictured an island in the middle of the south pacific ocean where Treasure Island or Fantasy Island or any of the other Island Themed television shows of the past.   405 more words

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The Week In Pictures - Greek Week!

The Island Made Us Do It.
It was a wonderful week! Best I can recall in… forever.

The Island Made Me Do It.

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If you teach a child to Béchamel...

Monday.  Conference Call Day.  I was just starting to get a jump on dinner. I knew the Moussaka would take longer than an average meal. Roasting the eggplant wasn’t going to be hard but would take awhile. 585 more words

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Greek Week.

The first question out of my mouth when I heard this week is Greek Week was, unsurprisingly: Isn’t every week Greek Week?

Sarcasm aside, sororities and fraternities are basically unavoidable in college life. 510 more words

The *NEW* Thursday Must See TV - (Its better lived than watched)

Theme Week meant we had a plan. Conference calls all day Monday meant we had a chance to get AHEAD of the weekday meal curve. Having Moussaka in the fridge which had been assembled on Monday allowed us to go downtown and have a great day on Spring Break Thursday. 1,674 more words

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